April 2012 Week 2: Devotions in Art

Devotions in Art

One day I was in a museum, and looking at a Renaissance painting entitled "The Deposition of Christ".  I was moved by the painting, and so I decided to stay and meditate upon it.  As I did, I began to see the message the artist was seeking to convey, and God brought Scriptures to mind as I meditated on the artwork.

Most of the time as Christians we think of "daily devotions" as reading our Bible - something we very much encourage and much of your daily devos should be Bible reading, Bible study, mediation on the Bible, prayer, and worship.  But have you ever thought about using Christian art once in awhile in your daily devos?

This week's Christian.org Topic of the Week is entitled "Devotions in Art".  Every day this week on Pinterest and Facebook we will share an historical art piece from the Bible in Art section of BibleMuseum.com.  If you are not already following us on Facebook and Pinterest, please do so, as we will only be posting these there and on our Pinterest ministry site.

Please take time each day as you see these to read the Scripture, and take a few minutes to meditate on the artwork.  What message was the artist trying to convey?  What is the "sermon" behind the art?  What is God speaking to you?

Share what God is saying by commenting on the post and sharing with others.

I pray that the "Devotions in Art" this week is an encouragement to you!


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Thank you and God bless,

Lee and the Christian.org Team