May 2012: Daily Devotionals - Your Time with God

Psalm 145 verse 8

The Topic of the Month is "Daily Devotionals".  This is such an important topic, that we will extend this to be the topic all month.

Devotionals (sometimes called "devos") mean different things to different Christians, but typically it may include a mixture of Bible reading, reading a devotional Christian book, Bible study, prayer, worship, and journaling.  We also have a Devotionals Topic Hub so you can read good articles every day to help you in your spiritual journey.  Daily Devotionals is your time with God each day.

Setting aside time every day for devotionals.  Mix it up - sometimes prayer, sometimes Bible readying, etc.

Also be careful not to make devotions a religious exercise.  You do not have to rise at 4 am every morning and have 2 hours of devos.  Some Christians - even Christian leaders - weigh you down with guilt and condemnation.  There is no condemnation in Christ.  Remember that sometimes the pastors, clergy, and Christian leaders who say "you should spend hours a day in prayer and the Bible" often get paid to do those things as part of their job in the ministry.  That is part of their job - most of us do not get paid for spending time in the Bible or in prayer!  Depending on your job, responsibilites, and life stage, you might not have an hour a day for devotions - and that is OK! 


If you are a stay-at-home mom with young kids, it is NOT God's will for you to let the laundry pile up, leave the baby crying in his crib, etc, so you can pray and ready your Bible for 3 hours a day.  Instead, you MUST work "as unto the Lord" in all that you do, and "pray without ceasing" throughout the day as you do your daily activites.


You say you have no time because of your job?  If your heart is to have daily devos, think and pray about it, and you fill find a way.  Perhaps on your daily commute to work, instead of listening to music or talk radio on your commute, you download some good Christian podcasts - go to to find some - and listen to some good Bible teaching during your commute.  This can be your Daily Devotionals.

Teens and Singles

And a word to teens and singles without any kids - this IS the season for you for spiritual growth!  You SHOULD be investing now in more time to grow spiritually, and not squander the precious time you have now with T.V., excessive time hanging out with friends, and wasting time with other things.

Facebook and Pinterest

Your time on Facebook and Pinterest shouldn't just be wasted time.  "Like" on Facebook and follow our boards on Pinterest.  We are now doing Daily Bible verses (like the one you see here with this article).  When you see one, remember that is God's Word - stop and take a moment to really read and meditate on it.  On Facebook, "Like" the verse and add comments to share it with your friends, and on Pinterest you can Repin it and add your comments.  Think of the difference in your life if you really start to "take in" one Bible verse a day and share it with others!




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Thank you and God bless,

Lee and the Team