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It is no Gospel, no joyful sound, no good news, and glad tidings; the doctrine which attributes justification to the works of the law, or mixes grace and works in the business of salvation, which was the doctrine of these false teachers, is no Gospel; not truly so, however it may be called; nor does it bring any solid peace and joy to distressed minds. There is but one Pure Gospel of the Grace of GOD, and Christ, and His Apostles and Prophets there is not one and another; there is But One  LORD, One Faith, One Baptism, One GOD THE FATHER of us All and One Gospel and scheme of faith; the Gospel is single and uniform, all of a piece, has no yea and nay, or contradiction in it; this trumpet gives no uncertain sound, nor any dreadful, but a joyful one in Unity where Not just the Ministers are blessed, But All the Members as well:



But Most Of You Who Reading This Right Now Are Under The Roman Catholic Gospel:;


Meaning the false Ministers, whose names he does not think fit to mention, as being unworthy to be named, and to have their names transmitted to posterity. These troubled the churches with their doctrines and principles, by raising disputes and controversies among them, injecting doubts and scruples into their minds, which puzzled and confounded them, and made them uneasy, and which broke in upon that peace of soul which the Gospel brings and establishes; for no true solid peace is attained to, and enjoyed, but by the doctrine of justification by the righteousness of Christ, pardon by His blood, and atonement by His sacrifice, which the doctrine of justification by works tends to destroy.



How Do One Know's If They Are Under Another Gospel?

Calling man and woman built buildings churches, trying to keep Moses and the Jewish Laws, paying a storehouse another tithe, Not obeying Jesus when He commanded His Believers to get baptized in The Name of The Father, Son and of The Holy Ghost, as it is written in Acts 2:38, and under another gospel its leaders and followers can't unify and come together on one accord.


Yes, a particular doctrine of it; it remains, and will remain in spite of opposition to it. Yes, the today's pastors and ministers prudently lay the blame of the Galatians removing from the Gospel to another upon the false teachers and leaders, were just the wealth is just for them and, they teach the members to trust and believe God for their needs while at the very same time on Sunday's Morning's taking the members money to the bank meeting just their family and staff needs. This is so very Wrong and Its SIN....Did Jesus or His followers do this?....HELL NO!!!. Period.


We Are Leading All Believers And Souls To GOD Our Holy And Blessed Savior JESUS CHRIST.


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2 Corinthians 9:7


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