These Two Gifts

These Two Spiritual Gifts Is Not Meant To Be Seen

Kingdom Church Gift of Leadership,

The Apostles & Prophets


They Are Only The Foundation That Holds Up The Church And The Lord Jesus Christ Himself Is The Cheif Cornerstone: We Are Leading Others To Do The Work Of The Gospel:


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, We Only Share God's Good News, The Gospel Of Our Lord And Blessed Savior Jesus Christ:


Those who God has appointed and chosen, His Prophets and Apostles has Christ gift of leadership have a Spirit-given ability to guide and motivate God’s people in the ways of the Lord to accomplish His purpose. These God gave gifts is able to gather the Body together, to aid them in setting and revealing God’s goals, and to help fulfill them ( Rom. 12:8 ) Amen.


Jesus Christ Plan, Purpose & Will:


I have found out that so many Christians are confused with the use of these Kingdom gifts, particularly the ones with the gift of Apostles and Prophets. In order to be an effective leader, the leader must be an effective follower or servant leader. The primary role of Jesus was that of a servant ( Mark 10:45 ) but still, He was the greatest leader of all. Leadership without servant-hood ( love ) equals dictatorship ( fear ). The overall purpose of this gift is to lead the flock by serving the flock and making sure their every need are met in the Kingdom of God.


The Lord Jesus Christ Characteristics Is A Must:


Leaders must have followers. A true leader does not have followers because they are recruiting them, they have followers because people want to join them in their special ability to lead and serve. Religious Men and Religious women with this gift never have to manipulate or force people to listen or follow. They generate a supernatural confidence that reveals God’s direction and plan.


Apostles and Prophets who truly have this gift are relaxed in their leading. They are Christ-confident in what needs to be accomplished and know that they need a team of believers in Jesus Christ to get the job done. Therefore, they work with the Body to develop the right skills in the spiritual family to accomplish the plan. Those with the gift of leadership understand the importance of multiplication. Leaders often times have problems with the details, particularly administrative ones. They have the tendency to delegate responsibilities.


There are certain qualifications that a leader needs to have that do not come with most gifts. Longevity is one of them! It takes time to establish leadership in a flock. Many are attracted to strong leaders but this attraction often comes members who are rebellious against authority. Many followers are new to the idea of submitting to authority. Due to this challenge, the leader needs a heart of long-suffering. A Christ Believer that has this gift understands it takes time to bring a flock to the point of being willing to submit to their leadership.


An example of this is the Israelites grumbling against Moses because he was a leader. God called His people to obey these men and women ( Heb. 13: 7, 17 ). When you obey them, you obey God ( Rom. 13:1-7 ). We serve in love, but we do not waste our time nor your time...


Yes:  Many biblical leaders noted in the scriptures are Jesus ( Mark 10:45,) ( Phil 2:7,) ( John 13: 14-16 ) Moses, Nehemiah, Even If Children come to us in the Name of Jesus, we must receive them) Acts 14:23 and Titus 1:5 ) and Apostles were recognized as leaders ( Acts 4:37 and 9:27 ).


The Lord Jesus Christ, He Is All We Need: 


We leaders can sometimes become too intense about the people that are following us in Christ. We have an ongoing passion to make sure that people submit to the Lordship of Christ. We are quick to notice rebellion. One of their biggest liabilities is that we have the tendency to be too regimented and overbearing. A true leader is a servant but a leader who loses sight of this expects followers and people to serve him/her. Another liability that has been noted is that many who has a goat spirit are prone to have a problem with authority. Therefore, many of them become dictators instead of a servant- leaders in God's love.


When walking after the flesh, many of our day leaders have the tendency to use the flock for their goals, tasks, and personal gain. In other words, they take advantage of people. This has been a noted problem for generations. Look at the lives of so many of our self-interest and get rich preachers today. Jesus Christ shared His All and Everything, and If we have Him and His same Spirit within us, we would do as He did. Amen.


We Are Leading His Churches and His Nations Back To Him, Jesus Christ:


Love On Us, Keep Us In Your Faithful Prayers, Help Us, By Supporting Us In This Labor Of Love:


( 2 Corinthians 9:7 )


God Gave Us His, Son, Jesus Gave Us His, Life, Now It is Our Time To Give!!!