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Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Unraveling The True Mystery Of God's Holy Word In Love:

We should always apply "first the Kingdom" when attempting to come into intercession with Christ. Not only for the Church but also whatever "sphere" of influence in which we function ( Mt.6:33; 2 Cor.10:13 ). This is because true intercession always agrees with the Father's will.

We are those who believe the incarnate Word is the life, revealing the way for truth to be established (Jn.1:1,14; 14:6). This requires us to seek God's understanding of how the written Word applies to each situation. This write operation can only come from the Spirit of God (1Cor.2:12-16; 12:3). That foundation may very well be the most important reason the Prophetic function of the Spirit must be received by, imparted to, and spread out over the entirety of the Church Body. And such permeation of the Prophetic has always been God;s intent (Acts.2:17-18).

Without the Spirit of God, no one is able to walk in the true relationship the Father has always had in mind (Gal.3:1-4; 5:4; Rom.8:13-14). And to be believers who pray effectively, functioning like Elijah, this active experience of God's leadership must also abide by each one of us (Jam.5:16-18).

Are there Apostles, Prophets you keep on asking? Of course! Can they receive significant direction from the Lord in prayer which could affect the advance of the Gospel of the Kingdom? Yes, both in differing ways and at differing times. Do we need to be continually told what specifics to pray for? Absolutely not! That was not the role given to the Apostles and Prophets.

Christ's Apostles and Prophets are ultimately given to the church for equipping the body with the lifestyle of the Lord Himself (Eph.4:11-12). Christ's design is that each one lives prophetically, as He did by the Spirit (Jn.3:5-8; Rom.8:13-14). This comes in the form of laying the foundational revelation of being fully connected, integrated and empowered by the Lord Jesus Christ, in the relationship with others as the whole building of God's chosen believers (Eph.2:19-21).

Apostles and Prophets were neither given first and foremost to guide the body's every movement of prayer nor were they given primarily to predict the future. Check the Scriptures: Apostles received the primary guidance for the ongoing condition, operation, correction, and advance of the Kingdom. Whereas in the Prophetic Movement an emphasis on revelation was restored, patterns were set that now must be upset if we are to advance any farther. Left as they are, they are extreme and ultimately unscriptural. We must allow apostolic priority to be fully established by the Spirit of God; this is one absolutely essential aspect of why intercession is so crucial in this season. It is the time that God's people move away from prophetically informed security through constant prediction, and move toward becoming the completely restored Bride gathering the Harvest.

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It is time to make the shift from the prophetic wineskin which has dominated as described above. To do so, we must enter an Apostolic and Prophetic intercession that will release what Christ came to establish. That is the Father’s will. When such intercession becomes fruitful it will produce a new outlook, priority, and emphasis: e.g., a new wineskin. The Church will believe God to supply grace, direction and resource for gathering and equipping souls (rather than be centered in circumstances, situations, needs and averting difficulty). Those who move forward into the new "now" of God will believe as they walk in faith through unfolding strategies (instead of imagining how things will be helped after finance has come through 'transfers; or personal increase).

Those who manifest the Father's heart will take risks so that signs, wonders, and miracles accompany the Kingdom message and the true Church of Jesus is established through His ongoing ministry. This means an actual release of God's eternal government. In the prevailing prophetic wineskin, the emphasis is on changing social and political systems, seeking favor in order to somehow possess a human power for dominating or sanctifying human government.

Jesus made it clear that prayer was first and foremost an individual endeavor, practiced privately without fanfare and publicity so God would manifest the answer openly (Mt.6:5-6). Should we abandon this uniqueness and surrender the anointing within us to follow the suggestions and impressions of public ministry personalities because they have influence and popularity? Again, the answer is no! That priority of personal intercession was given to the Holy Spirit within each of us according to the Word of God through Apostle Paul (Rom.8:26). Beware of those who would so dominate your relationship with the Lord that you feel you must check with them instead of Christ. Amen.

If we fail to take responsibility for developing the mantle of the Spirit uniquely given to each of us for the body, we will never become who God has designed (Rom.8:29). Neither will we truly perceive the grace and call He placed upon our lives. Nor will we be authentically deployed in that gift with any effectiveness whatsoever. Those who "love to pray standing . . . in the corners of the streets to be seen of men . . . have their reward" (Mt.6:5). Theirs is not necessarily an authoritative call from God insofar as it extends to you. It does not deserve to be heeded automatically, sought out first, or even prioritized unless that is the direction of the Spirit. In fact, it will be false and take you from God's blessing to the same extent that their name is exalted above The Name. of Jesus Christ.

This is my calling and His anointing Christ place on and in my life and ministry
By laboring with someone else's revelation we surrender our God-given privilege, right and responsibility to move in the Spirit. If we believe this to be the fulfillment of our intercession destiny, we have been smitten with religious idolatry, overcome by the popularity, reputation, influence or organizational dominance of others instead of the Spirit of God. Every group, ministry, fellowship, or network is subject to shifting into self-preservation and maintenance rather than establishing the Kingdom through true Apostolic advance. We must personally and individually ensure that we move with the Spirit into an Apostolic and Prophetic intercession which creates a new wineskin and releases a full dimension of Christ's Apostleship. Anything less and we will eventually find ourselves moved into institutionalizing. Regardless of how we may think or feel, no one alive is exempt from such an outcome.

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Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Church And Nations Media Ministries.

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