Take My Heart All My Family. Friends & Heavenly Family


Take My hand and walk with Me With Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ

This is the place you're meant to be

I've seen you in sorrow

I've seen you in pain, Yes, I felt your Kingdom joy, peace, and love

Looking to our God the Spiritual loving Father of us All ...

The world is dark and nothing without your love and light in you

God watched you cry in great despair

From the Throne, I've seen you alone

But Christ comes to you to see you through

Take My love and hold it tight

Now and forever all you'll see My loved ones with God in the Morning

No more sorrow no more pain

You've found your home, you've finally gained receiving and knowing the Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,

Take My heart, for you shall see

This is true love for eternity, and if you really love Me before this old year end and the brand new one begins, please let Me know, And add your love and name to the words of My heart.


Your Apostle James R Winfree Sr,


In the service of King Jesus the Christ,


Happy New Year Everybody Happy New Year!!!!