Stay In Your Own Lane!


By Apostle James R Winfree Sr,

What Does the Bible say is the purpose of our lives?

"Everyone who is called by GOD'S Holy Name JESUS, And whom He have created for His glory, Whom Christ have formed, even whom He have made".

According to the Bible, our purpose, the reason we are here, is for our heavenly Father's glory in Jesus Christ, at GOD has given us a reason for our existence, a meaning for our existence.  We were created by Yeshua, according to His desire, and our lives are to be lived for Him so that we might accomplish what He has for us to do.  When we trust the one who has made us, who works all things after the counsel of his will, then we are able to live a life of purpose.  How the particulars of that purpose are expressed is up to the individual.

When we accept Christ, He makes the man more Manly, and He makes the women more Womanly and He makes the child more childish! GOD would Never Use A Man as a Women or A Woman as a Man or A Child as an Adult. Period.

Within this attempt to please GOD in all things we can then determine the particular meaning of our life that GOD has for us specifically.  In Christ, we are free to pursue GOD in all areas of our lives.  For example, we are free to glorify Him by being a doctor, a lawyer, a mechanic, a housewife, a father, a mother, a minister, an accountant, etc. GOD is Spirit and when. He created Adam and Eve was taken from His rib, He made Male and female  If the ultimate goal in life is to bring glory to GOD then we can do that by being the best at what we do in the various callings of life, If He called you to be Man,Be Man and if He Called you to Be Woman, Be Woman, and if you are a Child, Be a Child .  So, as the Bible says, "...whatever you do, do all to the glory of GOD,".

On That Great Day, GOD Going To Judge Us, In What He Created Us, So Please Don't Let Your Works, Labors And Services Be In Vain.

There are those will not like this.  There are those who will deny that GOD has made us. For them, they want to determine their own purpose.  They must decide for themselves what is meaningful to them.  They want their independence.  They want to proclaim what is good and bad in their own hearts, and determine their purpose based on their desires. But the problem is that this becomes self-serving.  When we do what we think is right in our own eyes, we often make mistakes especially when we deny God and His Holy Word.  When a child says "I want, I want, I want," he is showing his immaturity and self-centeredness.  Adults become other-centered as is demonstrated by the sacrifices involved in parenthood and marriage.  As we grow older, we realize the value in considering the interests of others.  "Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others," .  In this, we learn that purpose is best defined not by selfish desires but by the ability to love and consider others more important.  This carries over to receiving a purpose from our heavenly Father.  If we are selfish and want to determine our own purpose, then how is that truly loving my Brothers and Sisters?  After all, if love is other-centered then shouldn't we love GOD, center our lives on Him, and humble ourselves before Him in His wisdom and trust what he desires for us?  Think about it.  He knows infinitely more than we do, and by trusting Him we can discover the ultimate purpose of our lives. It makes sense. We must do what's written in GOD'S Word concerns us, Jesus told Satan, IT IS WRITTEN, It not that we can't do certain things, But the test of the heart is do we love Him in obeying His Word.

For the Christ Believers

The right thing to do is bring glory to GOD because there is no one greater who is worthy of trust, adoration, and worship.  Therefore, for the Jesus Christ Believers, we are to live to bring glory to GOD Not doing our own personal will, But following and obeying what written in His Word.  How we do that is through prayer and study of his word, the Bible, so that we might better know what He has for us in Christ here in His Kingdom. Amen.

We Are Leading All Souls To The Savior Who SAVES!!!

Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Nations Media Church Ministries.