Religious Not Grace


Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,

Many, many, many  years ago I stopped going to buildings men call church homes, and I stopped listening to all the voices emanating from the religious worship only Sundays services; I stopped listening to preachers who lie to GOD'S chosen people, false gospel radio, and television ministries, and I stopped reading material written by anyone in the religious system of the religious church Buildings. The only material I read is the very written Holy Word of GOD and  Christ Believers who had already broken Free of religion and self-built churches they call homes and places of worship.

But, when I first abandoned the religious system, organized, maintained, and promoted by the false leaders and pimps and house madams, I had a feeling of guilt as though I had turned my back on GOD and my Lord Jesus Christ, but in hindsight I see that the Holy Spirit was calling me out to draw me unto GOD in Christ Jesus, as many other Christ Believers have also found to be true. As long as I was attending idol church places many call home, and listening to the many voices of the religious systems, the lies of religion was cast over my heart and mind and spirit, which darkened my understanding as to who Jesus Christ truly is, and what His Gospel is truly about, because I have learned over the many years that the religious ministers of the church buildings present a very distorted image of Jesus and His True Gospel.

I have come to realize that abandoning the religious systems of the churchmen built temples was the only way to break Free from the indoctrination that blinded me from knowing Jesus Christ as He truly is and knowing the truth of His True Gospel and who His Church really is, but abandoning religion does not mean abandoning Christ, or abandoning the church Jesus Christ Himself built, the body of Christ, though it may be perceived as such by some.

When I became Freed of men and Religion it was as though weight had been lifted from me, and the changes in my life have been only positive, very positive, for only after being Freed from religion was I able to fully embrace Christ and His Church Bride, and I began to understand the Bible as never before. Now when I talk with others who are still trapped by religion, I see the bondage they are under and am saddened when they exalt their church or preacher. I now realize that the religious system that the church employs is counter~productive and that the cause of Christ would be far better served if there were no churches or preachers, for without them the cause of Christ would be free to flourish. Our Lord and Savior told Peter, that He Himself would build His Church and the gates of hell shall Never prevail against it. please study Acts & Apostle Peter to see the Church that Christ Himself built and also study the Gentiles Apostle Paul teachings to see who he called the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have found out in my many years in ministry this, that religious people love their pimps and four walls, just like women of the sex trade love their pimps, So very sad to say. But in the meantime, I'm going to keep on loving and sharing the truth to those who have an ear and heart to hear it. Please keep me and this ministry in your faithful prayers, as I will keep you all in mine. In Jesus Blessed Name. Amen.


We Are Leading All Souls To Our Awesome And Loving Savior, The Lord GOD Jesus Christ.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Internet Love Fellowship Nations Media Ministries.


No One Can Ever Uncover, What The Holy Blood Of Jesus Christ Covered!.