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Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Revealing The Truth Of The Gospel Of God In Christ Jesus, That Is Transforming Lives:


As I was hearing from the Holy Spirit of Truth, in my prayer time and fellowship in the Holy Spirit, I saw the heavens open in the Spirit, and I wondered what the Holy Spirit of Truth would give, and He handed a sword to me through the Holy Ghost. It was just a sword anointed to cut up all the lies of the Devi, and his demons and his evil servants of religion. But, when I took it in my hand, it got huge; it grew. And the Lord said: Let His chosen people line up and receive the weapons of war that He will give unto them, for our Lord in this hour giving swords of the Spirit that produce the power of His word of New Covenant Truth, which will be an effective weapon against the enemy and his ministers. Then we can say, with Gideon and those who walk and live in the Spirit, the sword of the Lord and ( put Jesus Christ Name in and on Everything, as you go out to war on behalf of God Almighty.


The Lord is High, Holy and lifted up, and He's calling to His Church members which no person can number today, saying: Have you seen the work that the Spirit of Truth is doing in this hour? Have you heard of such a thing in your day my brothers and sisters in the faith? For, Christ our King is calling you as chosen ones, those who have determined to walk with Him in righteousness and holiness, those who have determined to walk with Him on the path that He has set before you. Each of you has walked upon a path, but do you not know that these paths come together to make the Highway of Holiness? Do you not know that you each produce your own spiritual gifts? For, you are streaming in the desert, but I say, every stream runs into the river, and when the power of One river and the glory of Jesus our Lord's anointing comes, and it is produced in your hearts, God's people, and flows in desire into the place of Oneness, then there will be many that come and bathe in this Unity in biblical faith. They will be washed in His Blood; they will find salvation in His Grace; they too will drink of this life giving water and be filled with the Spirit, and they too will become the streams of life and will go out and the new will come in. This is the day of the demonstration of Christ Jesus power, the day in which He will glorify Himself in the members of his Body, the Church, whose hearts are wholly given unto Him. He has searched you out, waiting these many years for this our and season, but I say now as one of His Church and Nations Apostles, the time of destiny and the time of the fulfilling of all things is Right Now Here. Yes, God's Holy Word to you today comes forth. Come unto Jesus our of the four walls of human religions. Come up here, and He has His Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers who will Equip and help you and will support you financially they are chosen by the Holy Spirit Himself and He will send you His loving and living Church His mighty ones to war in the Holy Ghost, for He has determined that victory will come in this, the time of war, the hour of war, and the glory of God's Holy vengeance will be seen, and His justice will be demonstrated, and you will see the works of God in His Church Kingdom.


It is not by might, nor is it by the strength of man, but it is by the power of the Highest, and these are those days that the Holy Ghost will surely come like a flood upon His people and raise up a standard in the very midst of their enemies. You are the standard that God is raising up. You are the instruments of His justice, the instruments of His judgment. You are the weapons of Christ Jesus war, for it is written that you are His anointed ones. Do not sit down. Do not slow down. This is a time of acceleration His Church, and He's calling you to the forefront, putting a sword in your hand, a trumpet in your mouth. Blow the trumpet in Zion. Let the enemies be defeated where you stand. In Jesus Name. Amen.



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2 Corinthians 9:7


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