Can We Do Ministry, Without, Money?

Your Answer Please?



Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,


The Apostle James Winfree Sr, Kingdom Confirmation Word to and for the Church Jesus Himself is Building. GOD is answering America and the World this question, Is this World educational and learning system's working and changing hearts and lives without HIS Holy Word?


  Our heavenly Father is still saying He is in our midst, reaching out to us. Our Lord GOD is longing to know our love that overflows towards Him. His Holy Spirit is longing to speak to us as the Church that Jesus Christ Himself gave His life for.


 Christ our Lord is longing to walk in fellowship with us. He longing to reveal the mysteries of His heavenly Kingdom to us. GOD by Christ Jesus is longing to set you free from sin and human flesh. Yes, He longing to bring you to higher places in Christ.


 The Lord longing to give you victory over the enemy But, you would not come forth in the realm of faith and the realm of expectation in Christ Jesus. You continue with the wisdom and ideas of men. There is no hope except in Jesus and He alone, and if you do not recognize Him in this life, how will He come forth, and how will He lead you out? 


By what way will He bring you? By the way of self-pity? I say NO as your Church and Nations Apostle James Winfree Sr but by the path of faith alone in Christ. That is the only path that works in America and the Nations of His. Yes, He has already spoken to you that He desire to give you the gifts of His heavenly Spiritual Kingdom. 


They are His to give, and He desire to give those gifts to His chosen one's, but He cannot give those gifts to those who will not Believe or those who will not walk in Faith or those who will not Persevere or those who will not Press toward the mark of the High calling in Christ or those who will not leave the old past behind.


 May I say this to you please His Beloved Church?  you will continue in your defeat and you will not find victory, for there is nothing but death in your past. Life is before you, for His Holy Spirit is leading you and guiding you into all of the love of life and liberty, and He has said that He would never leave you nor forsake you, but you must stand up and follow Him.


 That is why our Lord and Savior have written in His Holy Word to lift up the hands that hang down and strengthen the knees that are weak. Stand before Him and walk with Christ in your faith, for indeed these are the days and seasons of all things coming to the place of restoration in our heavenly Father are the Blessed Kingdom. When you stand on Christ for He alone in The Solid Rock and we are Built on Him and Him alone, you will realize how many things you missed because you would not- come in faith, you allowed the spirit of flesh to hold you and take from you.


 You will say to Jesus then, "But, Lord, Lord, if you had intervened." But, His Holy Spirit keep on saying to you, haven't He given you His Kingdom authority? Haven't our Savior given you power? Haven't Jesus given you the words of life and The Blood of life? Haven't the Spirit of truth given you The Sword of The Spirit? But, will you use it?  GOD, Himself have revealed Himself to you and me in The Person of Jesus Christ, He has nurtured us; He has put His words into you and me, Yes, He has carried us even in our many, many weakness and sinful ways. 


Now when He say it is time to walk by faith, we complain and we murmur. We complain of the hardships, and we harden our hearts, and we keep on saying to Him, it's too hard, Lord, it's too hard. How will we then run with the horsemen if these foot soldiers that Satan has sent against us have wearied us?


 How then will we run with the horsemen? There is only one way, and that is yet by faith and by faith alone in the Lord GOD Jesus Christ. He has obtained All the victory, and it is ours, but victory comes to those who are strong of faith and strong of heart.


 Defeat comes to the weak and to those that would not because they became weary along the way. I hear the Holy Spirit say, come up! He saying, come up! He saying, get up. He saying, follow Christ and the examples that the Prophets and Apostle's gave you, for when Jesus was stoned and knocked down, did He stay down? When Christ was whipped, did He give in? When Christ was on His cross, did He gives up or come down from His cross? I say He did Not!


 I say as His Apostle and Nations Church faithful servant, His Prophets and Apostles, He is still calling you to be His Apostles and His Prophets to go forth and to give His Blessings to His body the Church without walls or human wills.


  His glory that rests upon His Kingdom and the mantle of authority and the anointing that He desires to pour out upon His chosen people. Would you not stand up Believers? He say's, would you not stand up and receive the anointing and receive the precious ointment of new that runs from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Will you not bring forth the words of victory from your very own mouth? Will you not use The Blessed and Holy Name of Jesus, for He has given it to you to use liberally? 


The Blood of the Lamb of GOD has obtained the victory for you and His Church. Will you not assault the enemy of your souls and declare that he is a defeated evil spirit? he is defeated because Christ have defeated him, and Christ have also given you the voice of victory and the voice of life. Jesus Holy Spirit gives you strength now.


 Will you not declare the victory? If you do not declare the victory, how will you and God's loving people obtain the victory? If victory is not within you, how can it come forth? If you do not believe the victory will manifest itself, how will GOD be able to bring it forth in your life and in His Church that He Himself is Building?Now the Question still remains, can we do ministry without Money?

 Amen And Again Amen.


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Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Nations Media Church Ministries.


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