This Blessing

Ministry Benevolence, This Administration is For The Needs of God's People:


( 2 Corinthians 9:12 )


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Revealing The Truth Of God's Holy Word In His Love!



These are the things some Ministers and Members, Be Thinking,


                                 Is it part of a complex con-game?


                                 Was it brought on by their own foolishness?


                                 The government has programs to help such people


                                 Shouldn’t the church take care of it?


            .        Our Lord and blessed Savior said it this way, What they do to the least of My spiritual family, they had done the very same things to Me. [Matt 25:31-46.]


        For what is the Church Responsible for being His body here on earth?


                    Short term


                                 A famine in Jerusalem caused disciples to send aid - Acts 11:27-30


                        .         Funds were collected by congregations and sent by representatives - I Cor. 16:1-4


                                 The members gave generously and cheerfully - 2 Cor. 8:1-4


                        .         But notice all of this was for other Christians - 2 Cor. 9:1-6


                        .         Apostle Paul explained that it was a kind of repayment to the saints in Jerusalem who sent out preachers to teach God’s word, paying for the expense from their own pockets. - Rom. 15:25-27


                        .         Will we obey God and His Holy Word?:


                                             It was a truly severe need. It took years to collect and send the aid.


                                    .         It was for the benefit of other Christians. Our brothers and sisters.


                                    .         The Christians made sure the funds arrived and were distributed to those who needed help.


                                             This is not a case of putting a $200 check in the mail!


            .        Long-term Jesus our King laid down His life for all of us, and He wants us to do the very same for our brothers and sisters!!!


                        .         Believers sold excess possessions to help support the needy Christians in their midst - Acts 2:44-45


                        .         The local congregation handled the distribution - Acts. 4:32-35


                        .         For efficiency, deacons were selected to handle the distribution - Acts 6:1-7


                                    .         This is the first passage that describes the needy (widows)


                                    .         And the frequency of aid (daily)


                                 Details are given in I Tim. 5:3-16


                                    .         Widows without family


                                    .         Too old to support themselves


                                             A faithful Christian who is a good example to others (i.e. one who can help teach other women how to be good Christians)


       The tragedy is that charity often stops there


           .        People believe giving to the church relieves them of any responsibility.


                       .         The church’s funds are restricted to specific situations


                        .         But the individual has no such restriction!


                        .         You can’t pass off your responsibility, else you are no better than the Levite


              .      Some people mistakenly believe that if the church is restricted in whom it can help, then I must be as well.


                        .         We will shortly show the fallacy of this idea


                        .         But all of us will stand before Jesus on judgment day and give an answer for what He commanded us to do... You can’t hide behind your pastors, church or others,  “It will not be allowed .”


            .        God desires it


                                 Heb. 13:16 - God is pleased with a sacrifice of sharing our abundance with others


                                 God expects us to undo the consequences of sinful men - Isa. 58:6-12


                        .         We can’t love God and not help our fellow brothers and sisters in the household of faith - I Jn 3:17


            .        We must help all we can, but first to our spiritual family in Christ Jesus. Amen


                        .         Jesus explained in the parable that all men are our neighbors and should be helped. Gal. 6:10 - Do good to all, Especially our Brethren.


                        .         Help the orphans and the widows - James 1:27. It is not just a “church” problem. It is your responsibility! It is God’s command to you.


                        .         Even if we are forced, we should generously help - Matt. 5:38-42


                        .         Even our enemies should be helped - Prov. 25:21-22. There is no more effective way of persuading a person to give up their wicked ways.


                                 Give to the poor, even if it means giving up some of what we have - Lk. 12:33-34


                        .         Elder Paul used himself as an example, doing extra work to help the weak - Acts 20: 34-35


                    Those who have been abundantly supplied by God must make use of their bounty


                        .         I Tim. 6:18 - The rich should be ready to share and willing to give


                        .         Lk 3:11 - We must share our abundance.


            .        God will reward in like the kind


                        .         Lk. 6:38 - Give generously. Beyond Expectations.


                                 When we give to the poor, we will not lack - Prov. 28:27


                        .         If we ignore the poor and those we know who need our help, support in a hand up, but not a hand out..., then when we need we will find a similar response - Prov. 21:13


                                 Eccl. 11:1-2 - If we are generous, helping many people, we are investing in our own security. The one we help today may be able to help us with our needs.Amen, somebody and everybody.


We are leading One and All to the Only blessed Savior Jesus Christ.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Church Nations Media Ministries


We are serving our God and Savior, By Sering you His Media Nations Church in love.


2 Corinthians 9:7


Obey the Holy Spirit in your giving and sharing