Anybody Really CARES?



I'm Still Keeping It REAL!!!

Your Servant & Apostle James Winfree Sr,


Would the body of Jesus Christ be any different if you weren’t born? Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you have an important place and  to be used of GOD in the grand scheme of His people and Kingdom?


Many of us go or attend a place we call our church home or place of fellowship  in a group where life is dispensable, where our individual contributions go unrecognized, where there is no real sense that life – ours or anyone’s – is significant or meaningful. Yes we have heard over and over and over that GOD really cares and that Jesus loves us, but we leave the building feeling unloved by its members and leaders, but when it comes to giving up our money, and body parts then and only then we matter, meaning men or brothers or leaders in the faith having sex with the sisters and each other.


At the root of this restlessness and discontent is the deep-soul conviction that “I Don’t Matter.” A belief that if I were to show up someplace or not, or make some kind of contribution or not, it would not fundamentally affect the church or the people that go there. all I am is just a body number, money giver and, well I better not say that on here.


Think about that for a minute. If you don’t feel like you make a difference in the household of faith, how excited can you be about the things you do and the choices you make? When you wake up in the morning and you feel like what you do that day doesn’t matter anyway, how committed or passionate can you be when the church for the most part has become a high dollar club and a place to have sex with your spiritual brothers and sisters and the leaders gets the top picks in the house! Yes well known preachers gets all the support and real preachers like my self gets a thank you and god bless you or I will keep you in my prayers. And you keep on saying you CARE, while at the very same time you keep on supporting and feeding the Rich and passing by Poor who are rich in faith and who GOD has chosen.

We already Know GOD, JESUS CARES, But do you really CARE?

Show it cause actions Speaks more than just your mouth alone. Amen.