Praying That Your Believers To Ask For And Receive Your Holy Spirit, In Jesus Name.


You Are Welcome In Our Lives, Awesome Holy Spirit!!!

Your Chosen People Have Enough Religion, They Need Your Anointed Power In Their Lives.


Heavenly Father we pray that You would protect the hearts and minds of all Your chosen believers and deepen the faith in the Lord Jesus that has blossomed in each of Your Holy Spirit ones, in a world where the truth of the gospel of Christ is ridiculed and rejected.


We pray that they would mature in the faith, grow in grace and develop in their spiritual understanding. We pray that they would be-be equipped to stand firm in their faith, make wise choices, live a life that is well pleasing to You and is adequately equipped to give an answer for the hope that they have in Christ.


We pray that our kids would develop the godly character traits and beautiful fruit of the Spirit that come from a heart that is sold out for Jesus and depending on Him in all things.


Protect them we pray from the enticements and entanglements false religions and of the world and we ask that the good work that You have been pleased to start on each life will be completed in the day of Christ Jesus, to Your praise and glory.

Heavenly Father, how I praise and thank You for that by grace through faith I am Your son with many other of Your sons and daughters. Thank You that I have been positioned in Christ, and placed in union with You, Jesus, Who is the true and living Vine.


Thank You that I have been covered in His righteousness and that Your desire for me is that I am fully conformed into the very image and likeness of Your dear Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, as We abide in Christ Jesus alone and No one else, and He in us... so that His very character and nature, maybe gradually formed in us His living Church.


Help us I pray to be spiritually fruitful and may We abide in Jesus day by day.. and He in us. Thank You that as the heavenly Gardener You are graciously pruning us through the truth of Your word and shaping us into the person You would have us be spiritual.


Cut away anything in our lives that hinder our spiritual growth, and help us to learn the lessons that You would teach us, so that We may grow into the likeness of the Lord Jesus and bear much fruit to Your praise and glory, And all of us who really want to please Him and obey Him, Say together in His love and unity of Spirit, Amen.


Serving His Churches And Kingdom/ Apostle Winfree James R Sr,


Receive The Holy Spirit In Jesus Name. Amen.