Yes, We Do Need, You Jesus!!!

Jesus, Strengthen Us With Your Anointed Holy Ghost Power:


Remember, O Lord, all those whom we have mentioned and those whom we have not mentioned. According to the greatness of your reconciliation afford them the joy of your salvation, receiving their sacrifices on to the expanses of your heaven, granting to them visitation and help from you.


Strengthen them with your power and arm them with your might, for you are merciful and have pleasure in mercy. To you is fitting glory and honor and power with your only Son and to your Spirit, all holy and good and life-giving and adorable and consubstantial with you, now and ever and world without end.


Loving Lord God, We know that we have a little strength and that in our own power we would fall apart, but we praise Your Name that Your grace is sufficient for all our needs, that Your power is made perfect in our own weakness.


Father, We long for the power of Christ to rest and remain in us, to dwell richly in us, so that like the Apostle Paul we can even rejoice in my weakness because Your power is upholding and sustaining me every step of the way.


Praise Your Holy Name for the perfect power is Christ Jesus that is made perfect in us who follow You and who believes in You.


In Jesus Name We pray as one and with one accord.


Your praying servant, Apostle James R Winfree Sr.