Wash me JESUS!!!

If We Will Be Truthful With Ourselves, We Need To Pray This Prayer For Purity And To Reflect The Love of GOD In JESUS CHRIST!

Before we get started, please pray with your Apostle James R Winfree Sr,


Thank You, Father GOD that I have been made clean through the Blood of my Savior Jesus Christ. Thank You that my sins have been washed away forever, and I pray that as I live the Christ Believer life I may be continuously cleansed through the washing of the Word of GOD, for Your Word is pure and wholesome, Your Word is light and life. Sanctify me by Your Word of grace I pray.


Help me to look deeply into Your Word of truth, knowing that the more that I am washed and cleansed by the Written Word of GOD, the more I will come to see the lovely face of the living Word of GOD, my Beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ my LORD


I pray that my heart and mind may be purified daily but the cleansing flood that comes from You and I pray that rivers of living water may flow from You through me to others, so that I may reflect the love of my GOD in my life and point others to Christ. May the face of Jesus my Savior be the only thing that others see in me for I must Decrease so that Christ may Increase, I ask this in Jesus Name




We Are Leading All Souls To GOD Our Blessed Savior JESUS CHRIST.