Urgent Prayer Request


Today I have been overwhelmed with a lot of concerns I need someone to help me pray for answers.  One is the fact that it has been about 3 years now that we have been praying for a place to stay where we could put up a little business downstairs to support our ministry upstairs.  I have a husband who has muscular and bone deformities but he knows how to fix broken televisions, washing machines and other appliances.  I also know how to teach English online and wants to have a burger or catering business.  But, as of the moment we lack resources to start everything.  I can do evangelistic and discipleship trainings but I even don't have a personal computer and printer to produce the materials.  Nevertheless, I continue to hope in the Lord and please pray for me and my family the sustaining faith to hold on.

My husband and I don't have job opportunities in my country so we thought of selling burgers on the street. We don't have the capital to begin with way back so to survive we loaned but right now we are hard pressed to pay our obligations each week although the term is yet to end on May.  This week the burger sales has gone low because the authorities won't allow us anymore to sell on the streets.  The foundation that loaned us keeps on urging us to pay or else we gain penalties and interests on a loan that has never done us much help.  There are hidden charges too that we had not noticed before.

Me and my husband are not lazy people.  We want to work but though we have inborn diseases that don't hinder us from trying to become useful income generating people.  We may not have employers that would like to hire us and resort to selling burgers on the street.  But that effort in itself has been often times prohibited by law.  Street vendors are no longer allowed in our locality.

Please help us pray to the Lord for solutions to our pressing needs today.  To sum it up, please pray for us:

1.  A place to stay where we could operate an income generating business downstairs to support our daily needs and ministry upstairs for a home church and training hub for evangelism and discipleship.

2.  God's provision that we may be able to pay our loan.  Please pray that God will provide us in such a way that we can pay our loan and would not have to loan again just to survive.

3.  God's provision for the home church and training hub.  To start making the evangelism and discipleship training materials we urgently need a computer and a printer.

With people who might be having the same burdens as we have today, my heart goes out to them and please generally pray for people like us that God would deliver us from all our pains and sorrows.

Thank you very much and God bless you!

In His Grace,