Soul Cries



I praise and thank You Father for Your steadfast love towards us. Thank You, Lord, for Your never-failing faithfulness, comfort, and grace which is new every morning and refreshed every day. Thank You that You are our God Who cares for each and every one of Your children and graciously carries and tends for all who trust in You Lord Jesus.

You, made us One in You Lord Jesus, Yes, One New Man, One Body, One Bride, One Church, One People, thank You, Father, that You hear and answer our soul cries , You send help in time of trouble; provision in time of need; strength when we're weary and comfort when we're in distress. Thank You that You carry us in Your everlasting arms of mercy and grace and We praise Your Holy Name that Your grace is sufficient for all our needs and made perfect in our weakness.

Heavenly Father, the God of us All, Your steadfast love towards us is very precious and We love You, and yet our flesh is very weak, I pray that You would help us to love You first and foremost, and love one another as You loves us, more and more with every passing day, in Jesus Name I pray,



In Your Perfect plan and will:


Apostle James R Winfree Sr,