Dad's & Mom's Prayer For Our One And Only Daughter, Mrs. Tarsha Curtis:


Many people ask for help, prayers, and support and don't really need it, But get it, While others ask for help, prayers, and support, and don't get any at all.


Our daughter went to several doctors to check on her health because of a non-stop female bleeding problem, that would not stop or go away on its own... So, they are saying, the doctors, that she has cancer and they need to operate ASAP, her faith has been tested, losing her dream home, her husband is also not doing so well himself and they are raising our grandson in all of this...Personally, I really do not like asking anyone for help, support, But out daughter and family need it at this time...Anything you all can help with, whether it be loving prayers or financially support it would be appreciated, Spiritual family and dear friends.


Father God, You knew Tarsha before she was conceived and loved her before she was born and how we praise and thank You that she is developing a simple, child-like trust in You , but how we long that she comes to deep and steadfast faith in Christ, which we know is even more important to you than it is to me, for we know that You love Tarsha, with an everlasting tenderness, Your love that even surpasses our own deep affection for her,


O heavenly Father, what joy our beautiful daughter has become to us and we love her so very much. Lord, We thank You that You placed her in our family and for the joy that she has brought to us and to so many other people too, for which we praise and thank You. Jesus by Your strips she is Heal in Your Name!!!.

We pray that she may develop into a virtuous woman of God, for the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said she has been called and chosen into ministry to lead not only our family members to Christ, But many many more others, ( So Devil you are a Lier and death can't take here nor sickness or evil demons or spirits)... with an unshakable trust in You and a pure and tender heart. May she grow in grace and develop integrity; truth, faithfulness, and gentleness.. with a heart of compassion for family and others, that is so attractive in a woman of God. We stand in faith with you, Minister Tarsha ( Ann ) Nicole Curtis. dad and mom and so many of the Lord' anointed and chosen people!!!

I pray for her and All daughters and sons protection from those that would seek to blemish their loveliness in this increasingly fallen world and praise and Thank You, heavenly Father, for the love and joy that our beautiful daughter has brought into our lives, in Jesus Name I, We pray,




Please contact me if and when you are ready to help in any way...


On My Kingdom of The Lord Jesus Christ, Watch, Apostle Winfree, James, R, Sr.


Again, thank you all, Church, Spiritual Family, and loving Friends.