Prayer Fix


We were praying but nothing was happening. At least it didn’t seem so.

Normally my wife has clear direction where God is taking us. She did this time too, but no doors opened. We loved our ministry, but it was only part time and the bills were mounting higher. People were helping, but we couldn’t depend on them forever.

So we prayed and sent out resume’s-hundreds of them. No response. Believing God had just the right spot, we kept praying and sending. In his time God rewarded our efforts and opened a door several hours away.    

It wasn’t the first time God appeared silent and lazy. But apparent periods of God’s inactivity teach me to pray continually (I Thessalonians 5:17) or as another version reads, Pray without ceasing.

God never seems to be in as big a hurry as me. When I’m behind on the rent and the utility bill is due, I need action quickly. When the loan company threatens to repossess my car, I need a Red Sea miracle immediately. When my child won’t listen or can’t focus and the teacher is hounding me with calls and emails, I need a quick God-fix.

I’m always praying about something. And that’s God’s plan. Not stop everything I’m doing and get on my knees necessarily but a continual attitude of prayer whether my eyes are closed or my lips are moving. Prayer shows dependence on God. It acknowledges I won’t act if he doesn’t. Prayer confesses my belief God’s in control of world events and those in my life. Acknowledge God’s rule and your dependence through regular prayer time.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, grow us into prayer warriors who seek Your plan for our lives.