In Prayer

My Heartfelt Prayer For Spiritual Growth In Jesus Christ Church.

( Your Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Is now, in prayer:)


Our Heavenly Father, In Our Lord And Blessed Savior, Jesus Christ, You have called us to grow in grace, to increase our understanding of You and to develop a close and intimate relationship with You. Jesus, this is what we desire to do, and we pray we may come to know You more and more each day.


Thank You, Father, for the Your Living Holy Word Became Flesh, which is written to help us understand Your Word of truth and thank You for the indwelling Holy Spirit, Who has promised to guide us in the way that we should go.


Yes, Father, we pray that we may learn to walk in Spirit and Truth so that we may mature in our Christian faith, as we study the Bible and learn to live godly in Christ Jesus,



Our, God and Holy Savior, we would be Your mature spiritual believers. Yes, we are certain what maturity is in the Lord, and we know when we act childishly at times, and of this we're ashamed. Help us to bring our emotions under the control of the Spirit and Your Word Jesus.


Help us to check on our loud talk, our insistence on having our own way, our fears, doubts, and other things, which stand as evidence of our immaturity.


We do commit anew our lives anew and afresh to You Lord Jesus. Help us to be Your glory and not a shame as we profess Your Blessed Holy Name. For Jesus is Your Name our creator and GOD, We pray as our hearts beat as one in You.