This Word From The Holy Spirit Of Truth For And To SRI LANKA.

Given To Apostle Winfree James R. SR,

  The enemy is trying to re-establish generational curses by sending evil and godless spirits to harass and torment. This is in conjunction with the spirit of death that has been released over your nation through the focus and media attention given to the deaths of many people in recent weeks. We're in for a fight against death and destruction on many levels even here in America.

  Our brothers and sister of and in SRI LANKA, Come up in the Holy Spirit to the heavenly realm; this high and lofty place, the place where wisdom, knowledge, and information is boundless and where the secrets of the Highest are revealed , this place where the door into the Lord Jesus Christ Holy Word is opened unto you.   Come the Lord's people; come to this place.  That invitation is for you each and every day.  So why the hesitation, why the waiting?  The door is open.  When grace opens a door no man can shut it, nor can any devil.  But, the call must be answered.  Come, and Christ will show you the things that are necessary for you to know.   He will show you things to come, for He's the God of revelation.  He's the revealer of all things.   Those things that have been held in your hearts as mysteries you can know the answers to if you come.  Your purpose can be defined.  Your path and your journey can be established.  Your potential can be reached, but only in this place of the manifest presence of the glory of the Highest.  So come.  God is waiting.  Come even in all of your pain and loss! 


 Have you not heard it said, come unto Christ?  His word declares that if you will come unto Him He will give you rest.  His word declares that if you come unto Christ Jesus He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and power.  So again, this day, I say look beyond the natural, look beyond your circumstances.  Submit all you are troubled with unto the Lord and come so that you might be restored.  Come that you might be renewed.  Come that you might receive the resurrection power of this day.  For Christ, the Lord God of Heaven has not forgotten you SRI LANKA.  In fact, Our Father God has written your names on His heart that you would not be forgotten.  He never forgets His people.  God understands what you all are going through.  The answer is in this one simple word, come.  Come unto to Christ and He will give you rest, says the blessed Holy Spirit.

 The faith of God's chosen people, says the Lord, must be tested in the refining fires of His purposes, The Spirit of the Lord showed me the very thing that took place their will and going to take place here in America, because most Church leaders of ministries have sold their hearts for pleasures, money, power, sex, and divisions.  

  Our God and heavenly Father of goodness but also the God of severity.  So He will test your heart so that it may be purified.  He will come to you in this season to perfect those things concerning you that need perfecting.  For He has chosen you to walk in a calling that is much higher than you can believe, a calling that is much higher than you can expect, a calling that will cause you to walk in the likeness of Jesus Christ and therefore in the faith and gifting that He walked in so that the scripture might be fulfilled that these works and greater works than these you shall do.  For now, is the time of the judgment of His houses where before the world itself is judged His people must come to a place of purity and righteousness to exercise kingdom power and kingdom authority as God's kings and priests.  So let your heart be glad and lifted up with joy and peace before Him.  For, the work that He's doing in you in this season is the greatest work of all.  For that work is to call you to be Christ-like and to walk in the divine nature of His beloved Son.  So rise up now and receive this opportunity to come to the new plateau, which you have yearned for.  But I say that you cannot come to this spiritual place without first being perfected.  And that is the process that has been going on now for these three years, says the Lord.  I will continue to perfect those things that concern you, My people, so that you may gravitate to this high spiritual level that Christ has provided in this season where the house of the sons and daughters of God has been established.  So come and renew yourself in Jesus Christ today, says the Lord God Almighty. 


These last days will require strong faith, so begin now to strengthen your faith, live in faith, and walk in faith, for the enemy's assault will ever increase until the end.  Begin to live by My faith.  Be brave, be strong and fight the good fight of faith.  Victory will come to those who live in faith.  1 John 5:4  For whatever is born of God overcomes the world.  And this is the victory that has overcome the world, our faith. SRI LANKA, Amen.


Given and shared by Apostle Winfree James R Sr,