I’d like to say something about the next President We Elect In Our Country.

I pray for and I respect both parties. But God will Not continue to bless us if we keep on going against His Holy Word!!!

For my entire life, So many have fought their hearts out to ensure that civil rights, voting rights, and equal rights are enforced everywhere in our Country. These rights are not up to the states to decide I know. They are embedded in our Constitution. And, the Federal Government has a duty to protect the civil rights of every single American. That has always been our God-fearing position leaders.


That’s why I am right now asking All Christ Believers and Followers to pray until we put into the leadership God-fearing and Biblical obeying leaders". 

But the discussion in this race today should be about the past. It should be about how we can do better and move forward and give every citizen in this country an opportunity to succeed. That means good schools in every neighborhood. No person future should be determined by their zip code.


Right now, we have leaders both in our Churches and Government who promote hate and division,, and has encouraged the poison of white supremacy. Yes, if We forget the past evils and wrong doing's, We will most definitely repeat them just like we're doing today.


We are praying and asking God for God fearing, God-respecting and God obeying leaders which will be a president who stands against racism and the forces of exclusion and intolerance everywhere in our society, in our institutions, in our voting booths, and in our hearts, and that doesn't kill our America's babies, children, our brothers and sisters of many colors, and do Not pass Ungodly laws.


We have to get All these types of leaders out of office. I’m ready to keep praying and fighting and voting. And the Lord's people and ministries leaders, I hope God and the Christian Community can count on you to be by In God We Trust, And One Nation Under the God of Abraham, Issac, and Israel side.


We need God in our Country again. The Lord Has Already Blessed America, Not It's Long Over Due, That We As American, Blessed God As A Country, A Nation, A People. As His Church!!!

Thank you for your prayers as We together in Christian Belief and Unity Agree in prayers for our Country,

Apostle Winfree James, R, Sr.

Go And Do God's Will With His Love!!!