Our Heavenly Father , Heard Our Prayers!!!

Our Heavenly Father, Help Us With Patience When Answers To Our Prayers Are Delayed

Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Revealing The Truth Of God's Holy Word In His Love:

Now, Praying!!!

Our Lord God and blessed Savior Jesus Christ, help us, Lord, to be still in Your peaceful presence and to wait quietly and patiently before our God and King, as did the Psalmist. Many and precious are Your promises You have given to Your children and We desire to rest in them by faith and to abide in You moment by moment, to the praise of Your Holy Name. ( Jesus )


We thank You, Lord, that You hear all the prayers of Your children and that before we call, You have promised to answer. We also thank You that You are teaching us specifically that even though the answer may be long in coming, that through it You are developing in us a patient trust in You and establishing an even firmer faith in Your word, for Your word is true and You are a faithful and merciful God in our King Jesus Christ. 


Thank You, Lord, that Your Word is more becoming deeply rooted within our hearts and We pray that we will not faint when answers are delayed, but rather that We will quietly and patiently rest in Your unfailing promises as Your Holy Spirit does His work within our hearts in grace by faith. Increase our love and dependence upon You so that We may become more like the Lord Jesus in every area of our lives in the Holy Spirit, so that We may bear much fruit, to Your praise and glory as We serve You, by serving Your chosen people first and then all others. In Jesus Holy and Blessed Name, We pray as One and in One




Is praying and Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,