On Our faces, JESUS!!

LORD GOD, We are just So Tried!!!

A Heartfelt Prayer For Restoration For Every Area Of my life...



Heavenly Father, We feel so tried in our lives pursuing Your will and purpose for our lives... Spiritual Kingdom things and getting involved with feeding Your people and trying to keep our eyes on You, fleshly worn-out and the various temporary things of life keep getting in Sister Betty and my way, while Not neglecting the important spiritual issues, that are eternal and lasting.


We ask for Your forgiveness and pray that in Your grace You would restore to us the years that the locusts have eaten, the so many years of people saying they going to or will support us and our ministry You gave us...Just seems like that we have foolishly wasted time and years believing them and their words.


Lord, we want to be a good and faithful servants when we stand before Your throne and we know that most if not all of the good works we have done we are going to hear You say, Well Done, My good and faithful servants James and Betty,Well Done, Now come into the joy and rest in Your Lord... knowing that we have been striving in the Holy Spirit and resting in You and letting Your Holy Spirit live and work through us. Restore to us the heavenly joy and inner peace that has been given to us... help us to focus on the eternal rather than the temporal and from this day forward may we start to live our lives in a way that you would have us live, in Jesus Name we do pray in agreement,




James & Betty R Winfree.