Our Prayers For Loss And Deep Grief in Our America Cities.


O God, I come to You filled with hurt and sadness and even anger because of my great loss. Lord, I know that You, have a plan for each of our lives, So many are in such pain and grief that it is hard at this time to focus on the truth that You do care and that You have had to face deep grief and loss too. Lord mans hurts and pains run deep and they feel that their hearts are broken, I ask you to touch their hurting hearts and cause us as a people and nation and world to start loving each other again!!!.


I know Lord that You are the God of comfort and that You, have been with us every step of the way and ask You to draw ever closer to us at this time for many feel that their whole world has been shattered, Dear Lord Jesus.


I find it hard when people who don’t understand try to say words that they think are comforting but sometimes it makes the hurt even worse and Many feel hurt and so very, very alone.


Lord I know it is true that in time the pain will lessen but please be with our government, the White House and all of our leaders both religious and non-religious, hold them close and stead them, for I know that without You they could not face another day, another hour.


I keep thinking about that song we used to sing when I was younger, never a heartache, and never a groan, never a teardrop, and never a moan, ever a danger but there on the throne, moment by moment He thinks of His own because He has the whole wide world in His hands, even the little babies, our moms and dads, our brothers and sisters are in His hands, God got the whole Wide World in His Hands.


Hold us, Lord, I pray, and keep us moment by moment…

Moment by moment We are kept in Your love,

Moment by moment We're live from above,

Looking to Jesus till glory doth shine,

Moment by moment, O Lord, We are Yours


Thank You, Lord, that You are our God, One Nation Under God & In God We Trust.




On My Kingdom Of The Lord God watch, Apostle Winfree, James, R, Sr.