Prayer For Biblical Revival According To Isaiah Chapter 58: 1-14


Our Holy and Blessed Savior Jesus Christ, pour out Your Holy Spirit like a mighty flood into the hearts of all Your born-again chosen people, those who are called by Your Name heavenly Father. May our hearts be washed by the water of the Word and the purifying light of the Holy Spirit cleanse the thoughts, wash the hearts and purify the minds of those who are part of the church, which is Your Body in Your pure and Holy blood.


Lord we pray that You would purify the hearts and minds of all Your Kingdom people who have been baptized into Your Name according to Acts 2:37-38, so that our thoughts are ever turned toward the Lord Jesus and may we as individual members and also as a body of Believers learn to seek Your will in our lives, so that our prayers are filtered through the light of Your will and that we are tuned into Your perfect plans and purposes. May the desire of All Believers be to lift up Your Name so that You are honored in the fellowships and Biblical church groups in His rightful position as Head, and may the Lord Jesus remain the central focus of the intent of our hearts


Lord, we pray that You would revive the hearts of all ministers and believers and especially those who have left their first love, become involved in a distorted gospel, fallen into legalism or become lukewarm toward You and draw each one back into a right relationship with You and with each other. Revive Your people we pray and turn the hearts of all Your people back to Yourself, in Jesus Name we pray,




Prayed and shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr.