Nothing Too Hard For You, God

There Is Nothing Too Hard You Can't Do God!

Prayer For Your Church Unity In Christ Love

Heavenly Father how it must grieve Your Holy Spirit that we have caused such barriers and divisions to be established within the body of Christ and yet it was Your prayer that we are one in unity in spirit, one in the bond of peace, one in fellowship and love towards all those that are called by Your blessed Name Jesus.


Forgive us of our unbiblical prejudices and un-Christian principles, forgive us of my own biases and unloving attitude that we have towards other believers that do not conform completely to our own developed perspective of what a Christian should be. Forgive us for being too quick to criticize other brothers and sisters in Christ and for being too ready to declare our differences and denounce them as unfit for fellowship, rather than seeking to discover our similarities in Christ, and rejoicing that our citizenship is in heaven.


Help us, Lord God, to love others as You have loved us, to love without prejudice or bias. Help us to be ready and willing to love the unlovable and to consent to be loved by others we would likely dismiss.


Bind Your people together in love and in the unity of spirit and the bond of peace and guide we pray, into all truth , knowing that You are no respecter of persons Lord Jesus , and that ALL who trust in Your sacrifice at Calvary are forgiven, sinners, citizens of heaven and accepted by the Father, in the Beloved Christ Jesus, in Whose Name we pray,


Prayed and Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,