Need prayers for Gods Will..

Can I ask you to say a special prayer for my boyfriend Mike? He is under extreme stress recently. So much, that at the age of 31, he is now on Blood pressure meds, anti depressant, and a nerve pill. Within 2 months, He lost his house by a tornado, lost his help on the farm, so now is working a huge farm by himself, his cattle partner/ very close friend, passed away suddenly..and while coping with his friends passing, he learned that he left Mike in a huge financial disaster. He has a 27 yr old brother , who he worries about constantly ( It's just the 2 of them left in the family)..and now the little brother is in the hospital. And him and his brother own a little ma and pa store that he is trying to do all the work for. So as you can imagine, this is so overwhelming for him. We are in a new (3 month) relationship that is now suffering because of these circumstances. He wont even talk to me now. He says he feels like he has nothing left to offer since all of this is happening.I believe he is angry with God..has lost faith..and feels hopeless to a point. Says his life is falling apart around him.I pray that God will open Mikes heart up to Him.I pray that God will have mercy on Mike and give him help on the farm, and help him get his finances in order again. I pray that God will bring us back together soon and allow me to show Mike how amazing Faith in God is..and show him the things that happen in your life when you have Faith. I pray for his health and for his brothers health also. Will you please pray for us also?