For my friend's father, and my friend... prayers needed desperately.


My friend Corina's father was taken to the hospital, with jaundice. They were told to expect the worse, and he's on morphine, medication to make him "go". Her mom is there with him. She's having a hard time leaving it up to the Lord, and basically does not want to know (I was like that when my mom was sick and dying). Anyways, she needs prayers too, as she's made HERself sick with worry, to the point of throwing up.

She has just updated the situation, and her father's kidneys are shutting down. 


Could you please pray for her, for the family. For health and wisdom, and comfort and trust and faith. 

I would also ask that you please pray for MY migraines to just go away (been around for over a week now and I'm getting desperate and of course, I worry about my friends so...)

Please and thank you. His will be done. God Bless you.