Mr. President Donald J. Trump

Let Us All Keep Our 45 President, Mr. Donald J. Trump & His Leadership Staff In Our Prayers.

Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,


Awesome Loving Lord Jesus, we bring before You , our new President and his Leadership team and the many leaders of the world, and those in high positions, knowing that the nation whose GOD is the Lord is a blessed nation indeed. We pray for those leaders around the world, who are seeking to abide by the truth of Your law and we pray that they may be tools, used by You, to maintain justice and righteousness in their respective positions and nations. 


We particularly lift up those men and women whom You have called into national leadership positions and pray that they will give You first place in their lives and seek You diligently in prayer when they are called upon to make difficult decisions that affect the lives of so many people. 


Lead and guide them into all truth and guard them against the ridicule that Christ Believers leaders of our nations inevitably have to face in a world that has predominantly abandoned the truth of Scripture. 


Lord, we lift up all kings, governors and those in high positions and pray that You will bring many to faith in the Lord Jesus, so that we may live peaceably in this world into which You have placed us. 


Protect our nation O Lord we pray, and bring us back to a nation whose GOD is the Lord Jesus Christ, in Jesus Name we pray,