The Lord Is Waiting On Us!!!

My Hearts Prayer For Spiritual Awakening In Your Church Kingdom Leadership And The Members Of Your Body, Lord Jesus.


Dear Father in heaven, Many have been drifting for too long in their spiritual walk and they know that they need Your spiritual wake-up call and I pray that, by Your grace, You would help them to wake up from this spiritual slumber and turn from any spiritual laziness and indifference they may have shown towards You. Rekindle the fire the Holy Spirit in their faith and hope, may Your people trust and obey You, Lord God, I pray.


How I praise and thank You that by grace You sent Your Holy Spirit to indwell our hearts and that our bodies have now become Your holy temple of God. Forgive them, Lord, for the times they have ignored this truth and have neglected to live this out in their lives.


Forgive Your people for the many times they must have grieved or quenched Your work in their lives, and renew a right spirit within Your chosen ones, I pray. Help them, Lord, to put away their carelessness or attitude of indifference and may We together grow in grace and in a knowledge of You, knowing that this is Your will in the lives of each of Your dear children.

Uphold us with Your righteous right hand and keep us ever looking to Jesus Christ, Who is both The Author and The Finisher of our faith. Who died for me so that I might live with Him in glory,

Prayer For A Spiritual Awakening In Me

Heavenly Blessed Savior and our King Jesus Christ, forgive those for the time they have spent far away from You and become preoccupied within their own wants, needs, and necessities. Forgive them for the times that they have only sought You out when so many have had a problem or discovered a need.


Thank You, Father, for being faithful and always listening to our prayers, even on those occasions when they know they were not being faithful to You Lord Jesus.


Thank You, Holy Ghost, that You remain faithful to God's Word and to His children, for which we praise and worship you. Renew their spirit within them I pray. Revitalize their trust and faith in You, so that they may serve You as You deserve, in the humility of heart and willing obedience. May the living waters of life revive many of Your Church Kingdom leaders and Your loving children their dry and dusty souls, and plant them again I pray, besides Your still waters and the refreshing fountain.


Rekindle within an anointing and power of Who You are and light up a flame of love in their hearts that has become dim and flickering because You are our God, Who has redeemed our lives from the pit and set our feet on The Rock of our salvation. Rescue them I pray, from the parched wilderness and dryness of spirit, into which they have wandered and lead me along the path that You would have them to go.


Awaken within Your Kingdom Churches that spiritual fervor that only comes from You so that may they be full of Your Spirit, Power and Anointing in my brothers and sisters this day forward preoccupied with things that delight Your heart and will forward Your plans and purposes, not only in my life but in the lives of all that trust in Your Perfect, Holy. Blessed Name, I and We ask this in Jesus Name, Amen.


Praying With you and for you In our heavenly Father love.

Apostle Winfree James R. Sr,