Let's Pray

My Prayer Against Holiday Depression To Those Who Need Grace;

Heavenly Father, it seems so silly and wrong to get so depressed about this upcoming holiday, but Lord You know that so many people find holidays quite difficult to cope with, and I know that they cannot break out of this cycle of holiday depression, without Your help and strength awesome Lord Jesus.


Show our brothers and sisters what they ought to do in order to prevent this holiday depression descending on them as their vacation draws closer. Teach them what to do when panicky thoughts start to fill up their minds and show them how to prevent those thoughts from taking hold of them and pushing them back into a state of despair and depression.


Lord I know that in the Bible it says that we should, ‘take every thought captive’ and many of Your dear children don’t really know how to do this… but I do pray that You would help them to apply this biblical principle in their own lives to their holiday depression so that when they become aware of any feeling of despair or desperation, They will be enabled to hand it over to You Jesus our Savior, Who had promised to carry all our cares and difficulties.


Lord God, I pray that they may truly break Free of this recurring holiday depression once and for all, and believe that in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit Your dear children will not be bothered again by this debilitating holiday depression, This I ask in Jesus Name,




Apostle James R Winfree Sr,