Just Got 2 Talk 2 My, JESUS!


It's Prayer Time With, Apostle James R Winfree Sr:


Loving Heavenly Father we thank You for all the things that we learning through the indwelling Holy Spirit, and that the more we abide in You and rest in Your love, the more we find that the fears and disappointments of life seem to fall into their proper perspective. 


What a comfort to know that, although we do have troubles and trials in this life, that our Lord Jesus has overcome every single one of them, and that all we have to do, to access His strength and sufficiency, is to rest in You and to abide in Your love. 


It is Not funny Lord, but for so long because of lying preachers and false sheep we thought that we needed to do lots of good things so that You would give us Your love and Your peace and Your joy, We thought that we had to earn Your love and joy  because of fake and false pastors each Sunday morning and even on Christian TV and other media networks, keep on telling lies to Your chosen people, But You have taught us that it is the other way around Lord Jesus, and all we have to do is to simply rest in Your love, to receive the peace and joy that only comes from You, LORD GOD, What a comfort to understand that it is Your responsibility to carry out the good works that You have already prepared for us to do! , And then You do it, through us, in faith and grace and the power of Your Holy Spirit! WOW! Thank You, Lord Jesus. 


Oh, how it rejoices our hearts and comforts our souls, that You do not have to rely on us, But that all we have to do is to rely on YOU JESUS. Praise Your Holy Name GOD.