Jesus said to ask!

As a Christian since I was raised in the faith from a child to now a preacher and our Lord's Kingdom servant, I was taught that the more you give, the more GOD will bless you and give too you and taught to Believe that we sow or minister to souls they will in return give back and return the blessing, GOD in Christ said in His Holy Word teaches us all in helpers one to another in the Christian faith, Christ our Lord did Not just do ministry on a Sunday Morning or just in Religious Buildings, But He help people just where they were.Yes, as so many of you know that I don't allow four walls or just Sunday worship stop me from hearing from the Holy Spirit in serving you Christ chosen people or hinder me from serving all souls not just the rich or even the well known. someone else along the way. You all know that everybody has something to give and share, it do not really matter if it's a lot or little, So to all my Online Brothers, Sisters, Kingdom Friends and real Family please join in and do something to help and support this Media Nations Ministry and me your serving apostle, Jesus our Savior say's we have not because we did not ask, so I'm asking for your love, faithful prayers and stand with me financially, so many things I need to do for GOD's chosen people and in reaching more souls for our Savior's Blessed Kingdom. Thank you from my heart in Christ Name. Amen.

His serving Online Love Fellowship Nations Media Church Ministries Apostle/ James R Winfree Sr.

We Are Leading All Souls To Our King, The Lord GOD Jesus Christ.

We Can't Beat GOD Giving, No Matter How We Try.´╗┐