My Prayer To Our Heavenly Father, Who Is Our Courage In Christ Jesus:


How I thank and praise You, our Father, that You are our light and our only salvation in Jesus Christ.. our courage and the strength of our life, and that there is nothing to fear when You are living inside of us. Lord, our hope is in You for we know that no enemy can penetrate the spiritual wall of protection that surrounds us in Christ power and blood.. and that nothing can touch our lives that You do not permit.. if we remain in You, Jesus, Who is our light and the upholder of our life.


Help Your sons and your daughters to study Your word with all diligence, knowing that all they need to live godly in Christ Jesus is contained within its pages, and as they progress along their Christ faith Believers walk, may they be ready to give an answer to all who ask about their eternal hope in Christ. Give my heavenly family I pray, the courage to speak boldly, but in love


Lord help them to be an encouragement to others in the same way that, You have sent Your encouragement my way in Your Word and in Your Holy Spirit. There have been times of weariness and times of fear, and times when I have felt ready to give up, but always at the right time, there was a Holy Ghost Word from the Lord or a simple greeting or a loving hello from my spiritual brothers and sisters. Your love for me, which You sent by means of the many chosen anointed brothers and sisters that You have lovingly placed in my life.


Thank You also, Lord, that You are our God of encouragement, and that we have Your indwelling Holy Spirit to help and to comfort in times of need. Teach us Your way and Your will and help us to always heed the gentle promptings of the Holy Spirit of Comfort within our hearts, so that we may not miss an opportunity to be Your Minister of Your encouragement to others in times of need.


Oh Lord, more and more we long to breathe You into our very being and be saturated with Your love and grace, so that we may be equipped to breathe out Your love and joy and help and support and encouragement to first our heavenly family in Christ and all with whom I come in contact.


Show us, Lord God Jesus Christ, how we can best be an encouragement to others in the faith first, and then to all, and our life point others to You and never to ourselves, not to preachers, not religious churches and their buildings, May we decrease as You increase more and more in our lives, I pray, We pray, in Jesus Name,




Praying In Love, In Faith, By, Apostle James, R, Winfree, Sr.