Kingdom Greetings! Churches And Spiritual Family 

I wanted to take a moment to invite you to join us for this year 2019 for prayers for our towns, cities, communities, spiritual leaders, world leaders, families, homes. and as the Holy Spirit leads you,  As we will be gathering here on social media and on our cell phones, books, please take time to say a prayer for all those who are sick, hurting, going through family problems, and those who have needs and their ministry leadership won't help them .

 nor their spiritual families won't give them a hand up.

It is essential that we engage in to hold up the arms of the Leaders of America and its communities and the nations that you live in.  Prayer meetings bring us together with and in Unity in Jesus Christ churches without walls... praying for and with one another while we are still alive here in this world... Yes share the sound New Covenant Word with the spiritually hungry... and pray for those in need in a specific need, giving our support and comfort.  This communion with God and our fellow Christians is a strengthening experience that helps to allow the world around us to see the light and love of Christ our Lord within us... our faith through prayer and putting our love into actions.  I believe that this is a gathering that you would appreciate we together sign online, and we would not become churches crack babies always need a fixed from these sugar daddies, pimps and wolves in sheep clothing... Let us be really real and be a concern and caring for all in our spiritual family because they and you are members of our own bodies, but also Christ our Savior body. Amen to and for the Church that Jesus birth and is building.


Let's us pray for God's Love, Jesus Christ Salvation to and for the loss, Unity, Oneness, Togetherness, Biblical Fellowships, True Loving Relationships, Peace, Provision & Prosperity for all and everyone in the family of the lord, and Not just pastors, their families, and their friends. We need Revival that meets every need, not just having a good time or feel good religious Sundays morning services. We, Elect Lady Betty will be praying for the Lord’s real true anointing and ministry raise up God loving and full of the Holy Spirit to lead where others have sold their souls for Money, Power, Sex and this World's Pleasures. Come! in biblical truth and love with others who love our Lord Jesus Christ and TAKE BACK, EVERYTHING GOD has given us in JESUS CHRIST. and lets us start right Now!!!


Yours in Christ Jesus,


Apostle James R Winfree Sr,


The Holy Spirit Is Destroying Satan's And All Religious Lies, With New Testament Biblical Truth In The Love Of God Who Is The Spiritual Father Of Us, All.