Our Earnest Prayer For Forgiveness Of Sins In The World You Created God:


You, Lord God And The Heavenly Spiritual Father Of Us, All, Are The Only True Real, Answer!!!


Our Father, the weight of our sins weigh heavily on our conscience and We know that there is no righteousness in Us But You Jesus. We come to You pleading for Your great mercy and repent of all our many sins that We have committed against You first and then each other....so grievously. Lord, we confess that in our pride and arrogance We even joked about Your existence and blasphemed You in word and deed.. and yet We discover that You sent Your only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to be the only acceptable sacrifice that paid the price for my sins, and We must stop looking too other people, things for help and the answers, when the only hope for America and All Nations is The Lord God and Blessed Savior Jesus Christ Himself only.


Lord, help us to kneel before You broken in hearts for the wrong that We have done against You, and one another and beg for Your grace and mercy on our evil ways as leaders and church people, who have come to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and that He is our Saviour and Redeemer. Wash away all our sins we pray and cleanse both our mouths and our thoughts from the filth that has poured forth from our blackened hearts. Lord, We come in the humility of hearts and brokenness of spirits and pray and thank You that in Your mercy You sent Jesus to be the price for our sins. Thank You for Your promise.. that ALL who believe in Him would not perish but have their sins forgiven and receive the free gift of eternal life... Thank You that we as in All people and Nations and skin colors have been saved by Your grace, simply by trusting in the blood of Christ( From One Set Of Human Parents Was Birth All Nations And People, Making All Of us One Common Blood And One Family ), We are so Sorry Jesus, in Whose Name We pray, Amen.




Crying And Praying This Right Now!!


Apostle James R Winfree Sr,