Our Father in Jesus ChristWe praise and bless You for every member of Your Kingdom Church family throughout the world, and for the diverse ways that You graciously use each one to fulfill the particular role that You have purposed for us, in Your wider plans and purposes. 

Thank You that We are Your chosen people, Your royal Kingdom of kings and priestsYour Holy Nations, and Your own special possession. Thank You that We are stones being built up into Your glorious dwelling-place, Your very own Spirit-filled living Temple fit for our God, so that We may proclaim Your praises with our lips and in our lives. You have brought us out of darkness into Your wonderful light and We praise and bless You for Your grace and mercy towards us and all people. 

What privileged believers We are and how We bless and thank You for making us One with each other, and in Union with Christ Jesus our Lord. Stir up in our hearts a desire to be in Unity one with the other, under the banner of Christ our Head. Sanctify us with Your truth and keep us ever looking to Jesus, Who alone is The Way to God, The only Sacrifice for our sins and The only Mediator between man and God, Whom to know is life eternal and in Whose Blessed and Holy and Awesome Name We pray, 



On my Kingdom of The Lord Christ Jesus Watch.


Apostle Winfree James R, Sr.