Bow your hearts, PLease!

Bow our hearts, Please!

THE GOD OF PATIENCE, Teach Us Patience In Jesus Name. Amen.

This Prayer Is Prayed and Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,


Yes, Loving Father GOD, there seems to be so much that is going on in our lives as we jump from one problem to another and too often we get ‘Over Loaded’ in our thinking and restless in our hearts as we long to be like so many other Jesus Christ Believers that seem to be endowed with the gracious spiritual fruit of patience. LORD GOD, we have prayed for patience for so long and it seems that the more we desire it to be patient the more things seem to pile up on top of us, dear Jesus! 


At times we wonder if You are trying to teach us something through all these difficulties and problems in our spiritual lives, and we do know that You are heavenly Father. Are You trying to show us that we're asking for the wrong things? Are You using all the difficulties and problems in our lives to teach us that in ourselves we can learn to be patient? Are You trying to bring us to an understanding that the patience that we're trying to develop in ourselves by not getting frustrated and upset, is the wrong sort of patience?. Are You wanting us to learn that the only patients we need come from You as Your gift from You? 


Yes, Lord Christ, help us I pray to learn the lesson of patience and of love and of all the beautiful attributes that only come through a close and meaningful walk with the Lord Jesus. Help us to submit the difficulties and problems in our lives onto You instead of trying to put on a pretense of being ‘patient’  when what we need is Your love and Your peace and Your joy and Your patience which I realize only come by grace through trusting You my Savior and King, Jesus. Thank You for Your loving patience with us in teaching us how to live as You would have The GOD and Heavenly Father with us in The Person of JESUS CHRIST.