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About Apostle James & Betty R Winfree Sr

" Revealing The Truth Of The Holy Word Of God In Christ Love "

The Nuts-and-Bolts of our Calling: 


Our Ministry is a print and online blogs serving the body of Christ and rising leaders within the church by empowering them with effective tools for Spirit-led Ministry. And yes, that’s our mission statement as well. 


The Slightly Extended Vision:


For many years, Betty and I have been the premier blogs among Christian Believers here online and the media. Launched in 2000 by me founder Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Our ministry was created to assist, inform and encourage Church here online on social media within the good news-gospel freedom. Although that mission and core audience remains the same today, we’are wanting to expand our readership over the next years to include pastors from various parts of the world at large. What we’ve discovered in the process is that all church leaders—from ministers to members of Christ body, have the same universal cry: Help see Souls come to Christ and Build Up Christ Church!


That’s where Apostle Winfree Media Ministries comes in. With a renewed emphasis to serve those serving others, we’re committed more than ever to providing ministers the tools needed to empower them for the vision God has placed within them. There are rarely enough hands to help, dollars in the budget or hours in the day to see this vision through … but there are resources that can help to overcome obstacles and improve ministry effectiveness. How-to blogs on hearing the Holy Spirit more. 


A daily teaching our blogs on many, many, many sites daily one online, Ministry our giftings does more than just inform Christ Believers but also reaching souls for Christ Jesus; The Holy Spirit connects them to follow Christ Himself, to a loving fellowship, to ministries and believers that can come alongside them, and most importantly to God our loving heavenly Father. Yes, we want to go to the next level and expand our media ministries.... We need to upgrade all our web ministries, we also need new equipment, supplies and hire an anointed web designer for our outdated website and remain full time to serve you in God's anointing and love. Amen..


We Are Leading All To The Lord God Jesus Christ.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Church And Nations Media Ministries.




2 Corinthians 9:7