Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Making The Truth Of Jesus Christ Known:


Preachers Need The Lord

Everyday they try to please GOD by building stuff, like religious buildings so many of you call your church homes,

I can see it in their eye; they do know they should be supporting and investing in born-again believers and Not stuff built with hands

Empty preachers filled with one trying to outdo the other,

Ministers want to to be number one and the powerful and the riches.

Yes, they go through private pain, weaknesses and they are all alone

Living fear to fear; and lust to lust

Laughter hides the silent cries and pain,

Only Jesus Christ hears what they want to confess.

Church please pray for preachers: Pastors need the Lord,

Yes, again, Pastors need the Lord Jesus Christ;

At the end of their broken lives, Jesus is still the only true answer

Christ is the open door preacher.

All Ministers need the Holy Ghost in their personal lives as well as their ministries,

Repent Preachers for not doing enough to make our World a better place with all your divisions, walls, and religions;

When will we realize preachers

We need the Lord Spirit, power, and anointing in our lives.

We are called to take His light

To a world where wrong is right; and right is wrong

What could be too great a cost if we don't come together as one in Jesus our blessed Savior

For sharing life with one who's lost right near us and even in our very own families,

Through GOD Love, our hearts can feel

All the grief they bear;

They must hear the Words of Life the gospel of grace, love, and oneness in unity,

Only we can share preachers.

Spiritual fathers need the Lord too,

We need the Lord heart in sharing His blessings and wealth with those whom we serve in the faith;

At the end of broken hearts,

Jesus is still the only real answer.

Bishops need the Lord Himself in serving GOD'S sheep, His chosen ones,

Apostles and Prophets need the Lord vision and power for His Church in every Nation;

When will we realize were

That we must give our lives nor to men or women, But to only Christ Jesus,

For preachers need the Holy Spirit Anointing.

Preachers if can be open here and honest right now, agree with this and share it with other preachers because we need the Lord Jesus Christ too. Amen.


We Are Leading All Believers And Souls To GOD Our Holy Savior JESUS CHRIST.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Nations Media Ministries.


2 Corinthians 9:7