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  Boards of Directors are groups of people who oversee, to a lesser or greater degree, the activities of Churches and Ministries. These boards can be as simple as a few people in the local church who choose, pray for, and support one or more people from their own church who feel led by the Pastors or Founders to oversee the business and the affairs of the ministry. 


Pastors, Founders and Spiritual Leaders are those who believe a board of directors to be the responsibility of the local church only and that parachurch missions agencies are usurping the work and direction of the local church. Because there is no biblical precedent for a parachurch organization of any kind, they believe, no such organization should exist. They cite the example in Acts 2 where the Holy Spirit worked through and with the local church in Antioch to send forth missionaries. The example of Acts 14 is also cited, wherein Apostle Paul and Barnabas reported back to the elders and the church following the first missionary journey. Those they reported to were simply God’s chosen servants in the local church at Antioch. While these things are true, those “chosen servants” in effect made up a mission board.


The Church that Christ Jesus Himself Birth and Built has many ministries and gifts from God, other than Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Bishops, Prophettess, Elders in Her, Please read and study (1 Corinthians 12) are God our heavenly Father wanted and intended for all these ministries to be supported in His Church, a  board of directors, they are Not Biblical, . For one thing, finances must be handled in an appropriate manner. If a large missionary organization is draining funds from the local churches to be used primarily for operating costs including All Ministries and the Ministry Gifts God Himself placed in His Church Family, the local churches that support such an organization are not practicing good stewardship. But the same can be said for local churches supporting just a few missionaries completely on their own. There must be accountability from those on the field to ensure that funds are being used wisely. This is a difficult and delicate situation for most local churches to navigate, and many are more comfortable with an outside mission board that can handle such things objectively and impersonally and Christ chose His servants leaders to run the Church those who are of full age, full of His Holy Word, and full of the Holy Spirit.


Although there is No Biblical model in God's Holy Word for boards of directors or even mission boards or 501C's agency, neither is there a biblical word of God and His Holy Word against them and they are Sin and Out of The Lord Jesus Christ Order. Christians trying to decide how to fund and support missionaries should begin with a prayer for God’s wisdom, which He has promised to grant “without doing it your fleshly ways” (James 1:5). Jesus Christ doesn't need any help with His Church, He is God and Father all by Himself!!!... Period and Amen.


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