Hello, Good Morning, the Lord God's unified and, prestigious sons and daughters in His household of faith... God is looking for people, not necessarily that have great faith, but people that will simply stand. Stand in the middle of a pandemic, not bitter, not discouraged, but stand with an attitude of faith. My heavenly Spiritual Family, you can’t become who you were created to be without going through times of testing. How you respond in these difficult times will determine whether you come out bitter or you come out better. Pay attention to what your mind is dwelling on my brothers and, sisters in the Lord God. Don’t just think of any thought that comes to mind. If it’s a negative, discouraging, fearful thought, don’t give it the time of day, only trust what the Lord God holy word said and keep your eyes on Christ Jesus. Amen.


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Let Us Come Together And Faithfully Pray As One Heavenly Family In Jesus Christ, Of All Nations.

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