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( 1 John 3:1-3 )


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Revealing The Truth Of God's Holy Word In His Love.


A Loving Spiritual Family that Excels In  God's Love In Jesus Christ:


( Yes, Blood Is Thicker Than Water, But The Holy Spirit Is Way More Thicker Than Blood Or Skin Color )


We never had a spiritual family where we have a sense of being connected and belonging to other believers is our place of safety and spiritual success. The Lord desires all His sons and daughters to have a sense of belonging to a spiritual family and to do their part in serving and building it up. In fact, Jesus made it clear that people are going to know we are His disciples by the way that we love and connect with one another ( John. 13:35 ). We must see each other through the eyes Jesus Christ, this just how the heavenly Father sees us, this will help us love and connect with one another more.


It is our destiny to feel like we belong to a loving family of believers. The emphasis of belonging is not to be understood as an entitlement, but as a responsibility for us to take the lead to create an environment where others may feel loved, connected cared for, and valued. We are called to put love into people’s hearts, love to not draw back in their calling, love to choose righteousness and obedience. We give them the love to say no to temptation and despair. We give them the courage to sacrifice their resources for the sake of others. We give them courage by the Word, by our stories, by prophesying to them, by loving on them, and by hearing their heart. When we love them, we put belonging into their hearts.


The effect of Jesus’ death for us is that He has made all of us be one with Him, Jews, Gentiles, Men, Women, Blacks, Whites, Browns, Reds, Yellows in Every Nation ( 1 Cor. 6:17 ). Therefore, all of God’s children that does His will and obeys His Holy Word are also our brothers or sisters to one another. His incarnation, death, and resurrection mean that He has become inseparable from all of those whom He redeemed and brought into His eternal family. The fellowship of the Oneness has an expression on earth in the relationships in the body of Christ. Godly fellowship makes visible on earth a small expression of the life of the Unity that comes to us through Jesus. The glorious community in the Church is rooted in Jesus and His love; thus, our noble calling is to excel in love not with just our empty words, but also in our actions and deeds. God gave,, Jesus gives, and so should we, So Betty and I and like so many others, who have been searching for our real true family for over forty long years in person, in fellowships and yes on the media.

( Our Family Where Are You At? )


We Are Leading One And All To The Blessed God And Savior Jesus Christ.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Christ Nations Media Church Ministries


We are serving Our God in Christ Jesus, By serving you His Church Without Walls Or Religion!!


( 2 Corinthians 9:7 )


Obey God's Love In All Of Your Giving & Sharing.