Happy Dad's Day!!

My Father, My Mentor, Mr. Otis Winfree Sr, On The Other Side:

One Of Your Eight Son's

For my father, my friend,

Dad, I will always and forever, keep your memory alive in my heart.

Through the good times and the bad,

Your understanding I have had.

A gentleman at heart,

This sets you apart

From the others, I've seen.

You mean so much to me.

The laughter we have shared

Cannot be compared.

The tears I have shed, When the many, many times I was going off the path, trying to be grown up,

As you lovingly put that belt on my backside LOL.

You have always been there,

With a strong arm and a straight face,

A precious gift from our God up above, who did your very best in raising seventeen children.

The times that I have been down and sad,

Your strength and staying power ways could always give me hope.

You gave me the strength to carry on, even in some of the last times that we both talked, you told me, even if no one in the family believes in you, to never give up and never stop, and you kept it real with me, telling me that they, meaning my own family wouldn't help me nor support the ministry God place in my life, and O' that is so very true,

Even when all hope seemed to be gone.

The lessons in life that I have learned

Are from your real genuine love and concern.

With deep appreciation for all, you have done.

You, Dad, I hear the words you spoke to me at home 8721 Leander St, Houston Texas, 77012 in the backyard, son you said ,I am so proud of you and never give up, no matter what, so when I get down and start feeling sorry for myself, and begin to think I just can't go on, God in His Blessed and Holy Son Jesus helps me to keep moving forward and serving others in the family of Jesus Christ,

Dad, you were my number one supporter, and you truly really believed in Christ in me and my ministry.

With all my love and I will see you in the Morning, Your son, James R, Winfree Sr,