For Your Spiritual Information

Apostles James R & Betty R Winfree Sr, Social Worldwide Media Ministries, Connect and join the Holy Spirit Experience Love in Christ

We're just a loving godly family caring for one another


Offering the love and blessings of Jesus Christ


In a religious world selfishly cares about only its needs and wants and violently in love with itself and most pastors and their members are the very same way.


We don't judge - We love and God Himself wipes away all your tears


We give you His Holy kisses and hugs and help you overcome as members of Christ body


We don't offer Religious Buildings or things for you to waste your time and money on,


We are Online to empower and build up the body Jesus Christ in love faith and grace.


Our heavenly Father God has the way of using the least among us to accomplish His divine purpose and plan.


We're Revealing The True Mystery Of God's Holy Word In Christ Love.


Every part of the body is very important and we care and support you in Christ, We just don't recognize pastors and leaders only.


Everybody is Somebody in the Lord God Jesus Christ and we love and respect you and your ministry.


We are family because the Lord God Jesus Christ made us family, All colors and Nations.


Our loving and caring heavenly Father uses His disable ones, His uneducated ones, His sick ones, and He uses all those you reject and look over and you don't respect or support, and without us, there would be any ministries.


Our Ministry is Absolutely Life Changing and Empowering in Jesus Christ.


God is using us in bringing His loving and spiritual family together in biblical truth.


Please stop telling us that you love, respect and bless us, when you won't even try to help us in any way, Jesus said for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also Matt 6:21 & Lk 12:34, So stop all your Lying and be honest and truthful with yourselves.


We Are Leading One And All To Jesus Christ our Blessed and Beloved Savior.



Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Church & Nations Media Ministries


2 Corinthians 9:7 Or




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