God's Sons And His Daughters, Cannot Have Friendship With The World, And Have A Relationship With Him:


Elder James R, Winfree Sr. God's Apostolic And, Unceasing Biblical Messenger, And, the Lord Jesus Christ Constant, Passionate Global Transformational Apostle:


James the Apostle (4:4-5)

Apostle James exclaims, "You adulterous people!" The sin of adultery has not been the topic that ElderJames has been dealing with this section. I am going to maintain consistency and state that brother James is speaking of spiritual adultery. Jesus repeatedly called the people, "A wicked and adulterous generation" ( Matthew 12:39; 16:4 ). Jeremiah and Hosea described the sins of the people as adultery against God. Apostle James, again for the shock value to wake these Religious Christians from spiritual lethargy, calls them adulterous people.

The affair against God is explained further in verse 4. Friendship with the world is breaking the covenant we have with God. Friendship with the world is to be an enemy of God. What does it mean to have a friendship with the world? Elder James does not mean that you cannot have friends that are not Christians. This concept is not about individuals. Friendship with the world is to adopt the world’s values and standards. It is to adopt what the world wants instead of choosing according to divine standards. Friendship with the world is to put our passions and desires ahead of the passions and desires of Jesus Christ.

Friendship with the world can be seen in so many areas of our lives. I will list a few things to get your mind moving down the right direction, but this is not an exhaustive list. When we think like the world in terms of morality we are friends with the world and enemies of God. When we have no problem with sex before marriage, adultery, and other sexual sins then we are friends with the world. When our definition of modesty matches the nakedness of the world rather than the shame that God commands is friendship with the world. When we have no desire to serve God, to worship God, or to gather with one another to study or fellowship, we are observing that we friends with the world. Our fighting and quarrels reveal that we are enemies of God and are not friends with the world. When people in the world do not see us differently from them because our actions match their actions, we are friends with the world.

Now we might think it is okay to be friends with the world. We excuse these behaviors because everyone in the world is doing it. God, do you want your sons and your daughters to look different on the beach or at the pool than everyone else is wearing nearly nothing? Yes. God, do you want your spiritual family to be different because I go to worship more than once a week? Yes. God, do you want you to be different and not live with your boyfriend or girlfriend, not being married? Yes. Jesus, do you want His Church Body to not have sexual relations before marriage? Yes. the Lord, do you want you to define right and wrong and speak against sinful activities? Yes. God, do you want His children to be different and remain in holy marriage all their lives and never divorce? Yes. God, do you really want you to be faithful and pure in your marriage? Yes. These may seem like some outlandish and difficult things but it shows how much our thinking has been corrupted by the world. We must live by God’s biblical and bible standards, not the world. It is not okay to be like the world. This is Apostle James’ point in verse 5.

Or do you suppose it is to no purpose that the Scripture says, "He yearns jealously over the spirit that he has made to dwell in us"? ( James 4:5 ) There are a number of different translations of this verse because the Greek is difficult. But I believe the NKJ has the translation that makes the most sense and fits with the context the best. God is jealous for you. God does not want to share you with the world. He will not share you with the world. It is unclear to me why we have a difficult time understanding that God is jealous of our lives? We understand it in marriage. When we marry, we are leaving family and friends in second place and the marriage is where attention rests. Something is wrong with the marriage if you are spending time with every person but your spouse. In the same way, there is something wrong if we spend our time with the world and, it's worldly people, but putting God in the back. We are showing our friendship with the world. We are cheating on Him, rather than being united to Jesus Christ completely. He is jealous for us and will not accept second place. God will not accept our leftovers. Serve God completely or don’t bother because He will not be the third wheel in the relationship. GOT IT?

After crushing our hearts in an effort to see that our friendship with the world has separated us from God, Brother James says something that gives us hope. "But He gives more grace." I needed to hear those words at that moment. We see that we have fallen well short of the relationship that God demands of us. We have been listening to the wisdom of the world and become friends with the world. But God gives more grace. God can overcome our sinfulness. There is always enough grace to redeem us from what we have done because of Jesus. It is not time to give up. It is time to seek grace.

This grace comes to those who humble themselves, not to the proud. There is no grace to the self-centered and those who act selfishly. There is no grace to those who continue to practice jealousy and envy. There is no grace for those who ignore his call and continue to be friends with the world. But those who humble themselves will find grace. Those who will admit that they have not been living in a way God demands and come to the Father seeking grace will find grace. Jesus Christ can and will overcome your sins if you will humble yourself before Him. Stop being self-seeking and become Jesus Christ-seeking. Yeshua can fix this if you will seek Him and give yourself to the Holy Spirit, and allow Him to be your All. Amen.

God Said This In His Holy Word, In The Last Day's, There Will Be A Great, Falling Away From The Faith Of Jesus Christ. How True He Is!!!.

Written And, Shared By, Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr.

( "AWE " )