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Jesus Christ Established His Jesus Believers Church In Acts Chapter 2:

Shared and written by Apostle James R Winfree Sr.


Every Christ Believer Believes that Jesus Christ established and sustains a community of faith, hope, and love for All born again, blood washed Believers. This grace fellowship He calls His Church. The Church that Christ Built is on the Day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2,  which has a formal earthly structure established by Jesus Christ and which continues under His authority and protection.


In Truth with Christ redemptive work, Jesus did three things that established the framework of His Church. First, He chose humans to carry out His work. He appointed Apostle Peter to be used by the Holy Ghost to preach out and build His Church. Jesus said to Peter, " And upon this Rock, I will Build My Church." (Matthew 16: 18) Jesus said "Build," as in to create a structure. Jesus built His structure on specifically chosen human beings Apostle Peter and the Prophets and Apostles along with all those who Believed Acts 2:36-47.


Yes, Jesus gave Apostle Peter and the Apostles and His chosen Prophets the power and authority to carry out His work alone with All His Spirit filled Believers. "Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven."(Matthew 16:19; 18:18) "Receive the Holy Spirit, whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven, whose sins you retain, they are retained."(John 20:23)

Third, Jesus gave Apostle Peter and the Apostles commands as to what that work should be. At the last supper, He commanded, "Do this in memory of Me." (Luke 22:19) He commanded them to "Make disciples of All Nations of People" (Matthew 28:19), and to "Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15).


The early Church was structured on Jesus Christ Himself, Not as it is today. We see in Acts, chapter 15 how the Apostles and the Elders came together under the Leadership of Apostle Peter to decide the question of what was required of the Gentile Nations as with Apostle Paul. We also see how Apostle Peter was regarded as the one the Holy Spirit used to minister to His Church in the Book of Acts along with the other Apostles. when Apostle Paul, "Went up to Jerusalem in (Galatians 1:18) There is no Scriptural evidence of independent local churches of four walls, but of two legs. For we are members birth into One Body, The Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Period.


The Jesus Believers, His Followers, and Lovers' is the only church that can claim to have been founded by Christ personally Acts 2:47. Every other church traces its lineage back to a mere human person such as Martin Luther or John Wesley and all the others. The Christ Jesus Born Again as it is in Acts 2 is the only Church can trace its lineage back to Jesus Christ who appointed Apostle Peter and the other Apostle and Prophets. 


GOD'S Truth, instructs and sanctifies His people through Jesus Blood. Under teaching by the Holy Spirit, His Church preserves the Word of GOD. His Believers is the Body, Bride, Bread and receivers of The Teachings of Christ in and by The Holy Spirit. And we accomplish this under the protection of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Himself. HE IS THE ONLY CHEIF CORNERSTONE. AMEN.


We Are Leading All Souls To Our LORD GOD And Savor JESUS CHRIST.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Nations Media Church Ministries.


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