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Is Tithing Of Faith Or Is It of The Law Or Old Testament?


Hebrews 7:5, And verily they that are of the sons of Levi

Or Levites; who are of the tribe of Levi, whose descent is from Aaron:


Who Receive the Office of the Old Covenant Testament Priesthood;


as some of them were priests, though not all; and the Levites, therefore, are sometimes called priests. Levi says, that in twenty-four places the priests are called Levites; and this is one of them, ( Ezekiel 44:15 ) "and the priests and Levites"


These Levites Priests only have a commandment to take tithes of the people according to

the Law; No Gentile or Non-Hebrew or Jewish person could accept or pay tithes.


the ceremonial law, ( Numbers 18:20-26), these they took of all the people of Israel in the rest of the tribes, by the commandment of God, on account of their service in the tabernacle; and because they had no inheritance in the land; and to show that the Israelites held their land of God himself:


That is, of their brethren, though they come out of the loins of


who are their brethren and kinsmen according to the flesh, though of different tribes; and from these they receive, notwithstanding they are the sons of Abraham: but here a difficulty arises, how the Levites that were priests can be said to receive tithes from the people, when they received the tenth part of the tithes, or the tithe of tithes from the Levites, ( Numbers 18:26 ) ( Nehemiah 10:38 ) , but it should be observed, that it was not necessary that the Levites should give these tithes to the priests themselves; an Israelite might do it, and so give the Levites the less; on which account the priests may be said to receive from the people; besides, Ezra in his time ordered, that the first tithe should not be given to the Levites, but to the priests, because they would not go up with him to Jerusalem.

Do God Loves Old Testament or Old Covenants Law Gives, Or Do He Loves New Testament And Christ Covenant Cheerful Givers?

One Just Can't Be Blessed And Cursed By God At the Very same time.


The Lord Jesus Christ, Paid Every And All Debts, He completed and Finished and Fulled All the Law and Old Testaments Works,

Gentiles or Non-Jews or Hebrews never gave or paid tithes, Never!!

But even if one tries to obey the Old Testament or the Old Laws, One Must do Everything written in the Book of the Law, If not, Our God loves Grace Givers, Not Old Covenants or Old Testaments Law Givers. Now you Know. Amen.

( Gal 3:10 & Hebrews 7:5 )


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Our Lord God Loves His Cheerful Giver, And Not Old Testament Law Givers!!!


2 Cor 9:7, So let each one give as he or she has purposes in their hearts, Not grudgingly or of necessity, For God loves a cheerful giver, Be One!!