Where's Jesus Christ Fellowship at?

I Really  Don't Want to Go To Church, I Want To Go And Be In A Christian Biblical Loving Fellowship:

( How Can the Church Go or Attend Church? )


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, We Share The Good News Of Jesus Christ That Is Changing And Transforming Lives In God's Love Forever:


Are you born again into Christ Church Or are you just a religious member of buildings men call the churches? “ Are you born again of the Holy Spirit of Faith in the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ Or are you religious just join a building many calls the house of God and you trying to do good deeds and pay your way into heaven?” 


But even Ministers don't preach, teach or share the gospel of truth. Some try to change up the term by saying, “I’m not and no one is perfect, so all die and go to heaven.”


 Christian Leadership and their members call fellowship just going and attending building worship service and away from the building they don't even know you or even come over to your homes. They only concerned about body count and money received.”


 “ We must love Jesus Christ, but not the church buildings.” As Christians, our faith is important to us and we would love to get together and fellowship, but attend church buildings and not connect with your brothers and sisters or even your minister is just a waste of our time... 


This religious building goes shares a lot of core beliefs with their churchgoing neighbors; nearly all of them (around 95%) believe in only one God, that He is everywhere, and that He is the “all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect creator of the universe who rules the world today.” And 89 percent of them are committed to their religion, But can't see past skin color or don't want to fellowship with people who don't look like them or have what they have.



“They still love religion, still believe in Scripture and most of the tenets of their Christian faith. But they have lost love for all of God's children,” said they pick and choose who they fellowship with and invite into their homes and lives.


Though practicing Christians may agree with the frustrations or empathize with those who were hurt by past churches, this scenario still doesn’t sit well. In response, pastors and bloggers point to the scriptural call, and Jesus’ own example, to live out faith in community.


“One of the main things Jesus calls us to is to love one another and not forsake the gathering,”  “If we really love Jesus, we’re going to grow in love for His people and help and support those who are in the family of Jesus Christ first.”



“We do not get to separate ourselves from the Church of Jesus Christ, All His sheep are Not the same color, as Christians. We do not get to claim non-religiosity simply to fit in, or to feel better about ourselves,”  “ This is Why so many Jesus believers, followers Hate Religion, But Love Jesus Christ.” “As a friend of mine put it, to say that you love Jesus but hate a person skin color is just like saying you love your best friend but hate his wife. That relationship will not last.”


 “We love Jesus, but not the man and woman build church way” position has grown to 10 or more percent of Americans today,  Overall, about half of Americans do not go to church.


“While many people in this group may be suffering from self-centered and  the Pastors way or the high way church wounds, I also know from past research that Christians who do not attend church buildings say it’s primarily out of wounding and because they can find real true loving biblical fellowship where all the body of Christ is cared for and respected.. elsewhere or that church is not personally relevant to them,” . “Pastors need to be able to say to these believers and people, and to answer for themselves, that there is a unique way you can find the Lord Jesus Christ and its just not in religious buildings. And that faith does not survive or thrive in serving them and their personal needs, while the real true suffers need and lack.”



That’s a hard challenge when they ( Preachers and the rich ) mostly keep the finances and blessings just for themselves, not sharing with the entire body. Jesus followers who are unchurched talk about spiritual matters half as much as most practicing Christians, and know right from wrong.


So who are they? The “love Jesus, but not the church and its cold-hearted leadership” crowd is mostly (unloving) and mostly ( not caring), . They are nearly as likely to identify as Religious members (they keep to themselves) as their leaders are (the same way). Not All, But many are.


My Research studies found that we are still divided even tho Christ tore down the wall that kept Jew and Gentile's separated our Hispanic spiritual family, our Yellow spiritual family, our red spiritual family our white spiritual family and our black and mixed-blooded spiritual family attend church buildings and many of them are divided and really don;y know one another in real life..


Believers who have given up on the church going and they have made up their minds to be Jesus Christ Church... still pray and consider themselves spiritual about as much as fellow Christians, However, there’s a significant drop off when it comes to the home to home fellowship. They are likely to read Scripture and likely to get to know all of their spiritual family, not just the ones who are like them. Along with home services, attending groups and retreats is totally in and they help and support their Kingdom family first.



 The importance of loving your God in Jesus Christ first, and then all of your Kingdom spiritual family of every and all nations, because the truth of the matter, how can you say you love God who you have Not seen, But hate people or Christians of different colors. God's word says you are a liar and His truth in Not in you.  The Real Jesus Christ meet needs and Not just spiritual needs, get it ?. Period.


We Are Leading One and All to The Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, The Only Way.


Love On Us, Keep Us in your faithful prayers, Help Us and support the Gospel of Jesus Christ Truth.


 ( 2 Corinthians 9:7 )


Our Heavenly Father Has Blessed you to e His blessing for His Kingdom.